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Zero or e7+e9 combo for HD598

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aquilo, Dec 27, 2011.
  1. Aquilo
    Hey everyone,
    I've just got my HD958 and really pleased with it. Currently using it with a UCA202..
    I'm looking for an upgrade in the DAC/AMP. There are alot of threads about this already but I've got one "problem".
    I already own AV40s and do want to use the DAC to power those. I dont think this is possible with the stand-alone e7, but will this be possible with the e7+e9 combo? There are RCA outputs on the E9, so this probably is a stupid question, but better be safe then sorry. And if this is possible, is this possible with any headphone amp with RCA outputs, or will the headphone AMP interfere with the AMP in my AV40?
    Browsing through this forum i've also spotted the zero-dac, but all the recommendations are a couple of years old. Should the Zero still be considered for the HD598?
  2. Aquilo
  3. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I personally feel the HD598 sounds a bit dry and analytical off the E9 (which is quite neutral itself). I'd personally pair up the HD598 with something that adds some body to it. The E9 is a great amp, but it pairs up better with headphones that have a lot of body and fullness to them. The HD598 isn't one of these cans. I'm guessing a decent tube amp would be better for the HD598.
  4. Aquilo
    Thanks! I'll start looking into tubes, zeroed them out completely when i started this search, so this will give me something to think about..
    I've also done some searching into the headphone amp to active speakers question and found that the opinions are very widespread. Some say that it doesn't matter at all (and that it's good) and some say that you can blow up youre speakers.. Quite a difference..

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