1. Ionme

    Selecting computer speakers

    I've been stalking the forums for quite some time now, but I think now is time for me to post something. Warning: I am a guy who persuits the perfect sound but also total noobie to the audiophile community, and a very limited spender.    I want to turn my PC to a budget friendly sound...
  2. splitdodge1

    M-Audio Studiophile AV 40's vs. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

    Looking for a new set of desktop speakers in the $150 dollar price range. Just wondering what you recommend. I will be using them primarily for music, and occasionally for movies. I realize one system is a 2.0 while the other is a 2.1 system. If i did buy the M-Audio's, I'd likely buy a sub...
  3. MaxKohler

    Can you plug speakers (av40) into a headphone amp (schiit magni)?

    I have av40 speakers and I was planning on getting the magni amp along with some q701s, but I saw someone say that they got the FiiO E9 because it has a "pre output" to plug speakers into. Is that necessary?
  4. lootr5858

    Which is better? Creative Live! 2 or Audio Tech m40x?

    I'm tired of iems, they sound too in my ear (limited soundstage?). (i'm not an audiophile so bear with me sry) i want something that sound more spacious with good vocal, clarity, instrument separation, and a warm sound. i'm very picky and don't like any headphone that has sibilance. I'm also...
  5. C

    Klipch M40 ear cup torn advice on repair

    Hi everyone, I've got a pair of Klipsch Mode M40 headphones and the left ear cup has torn, could anyone here give me a method to mend this?   I've thought of asking a sewing alterations shop, has anyone here experienced this and what did you do?   Thanks in advanced.
  6. Enilder

    Trying to get an upgrade from my existing speakers

    I've been specifically looking for 2.0 system for my new desktop. I currently have Z87-A motherboard and been using Creative Inspire T12. With around $100 budget, is Dayton Audio B652 bookshelf speakers with a Lepai LP-2020A+ amplifier the way to go? I happened to find a long thread while...
  7. akinari-kun

    Help me decide between three studio monitors!

    Recently I've been interested in investing in a pair of studio monitors to replace my JBL Duet IIIs. I've never really invested a significant amount of money on speakers as I've always saved that money on headphones, but as of late I've been using my PC for audio more than I have in the past...
  8. Kalixin

    I've narrowed down a list of monitors. Can anybody give me some input?

    So. This is what I am looking for:   A PAIR of monitor speakers for under 225. I want to stay away from the 250 range, and under 200 would be ideal, but I do not want to skimp out on my music.   I use FL studio and make music here and there. I love rock more than any genre. Rise against...
  9. vhatp

    Anyone tried Alesis Elevate 5?

    Hello everybody,   I am curious about the new Alesis Elevate 5 nearfield monitors. They have pretty nice paper specs. but no reviews after some months of real world use.   I am looking for decent speakers mainly for listening to music at PC or in the bedroom and for some hobby recording...
  10. romeozdistress

    bookshelf speakers vs studio monitors?

    Which do you guys prefer and why? I am looking to upgrade my setup from av40s. and I was wondering what the pro and cons of bookshelf and studio monitors are? I am open to either. Just trying to figure out what would be better for around $400. thanks in advance.
  11. Tallulah

    I Need Help for Choosing new Speakers!

    Hi, I'm sorry for making another thread about this issue, but I really need help and I don't have much time to invest about it. I'm looking for a pair of speakers (I think 2 is better than 2.1 for the price) for listening to music, basically. I'll use them on the computer; I don't need too...
  12. NebraskaX24

    Utilizing a vintage cassette receiver from a desktop

    Hello,    I was wondering if I could use /www.vintagecassette.com/optonica/rt_6206 this receiver and a pair of bookshelf speakers with my desktop, and was also wondering if anybody has any insight on a decent pari of bookshelves, preferably under $100.    I've seen the Micca MB42 mentioned...
  13. speakers

    Looking for Dac with build in amp for Monitor speakers. HELP GURUS

    I'm after something for the computer which will have a Dac which will play 24 bit files and with a amp to power some monitor speakers. Is this possible and where can i get one i am in the uk and the lower the price the better.   Thanks
  14. HumblexTurtle

    Dorm Room Speakers?

    Hey everyone :). I am currently in college, and I am looking for an awesome speaker setup for my dorm. I was thinking of a 2.1 system or maybe 2.0 system. I don't have enough room for a 5.1 or 7.1 system. My speakers are for music and movies/television. I do listen to dubstep, so I do enjoy...
  15. melie

    Bass on the M-Audio AV40 with bass boost vs BX5a Deluxe

    Now my question is; Which has more bass? The BX5a or the AV-40's with the BASS BOOST on?   I own the AV-40's and I'm wanting to upgrade my speakers for a long time. Now I've heart a lot of good things about the BX5a Deluxe in comparison to the AV-40 but also some contradicting stuff...
  16. deadly55

    Swan D1010MkII08 vs M-Audio av40

    Bass isn't a big need as i plan on getting a sub later., I mainly want clarity and sound reproduction. I mainly listen to rock music so it'll have to be good for that, they have to be fun too, i like how my hd555s sound and  i want well a better one of those but as speakers with maybe a bit more...
  17. nickziverts

    Swan D1080 or KRK RP8 or M-audio AV40

    First I started by buying a Logitech z2300 system. I have thoroughly enjoyed the bass and the satelites were lacking. I had a problem with the sub rattling after about a year, and Logitech replaced them with the Z623s. The woofer especially does not compare to the one of the z623s. So that...
  18. kenken

    Computer Speaker Help (M-Audio AV40, Altec Lansing MX 6021, Audioengine)

    I am looking for computer speakers for around 200 dollars and under. Lower wold be better so a price around 150 would be perfect. I will be using these mainly for music. I do watch movies and play games, but rarely. I listen to hip hop, jazz, and r&b, and pop. I really like speakers with good...
  19. aznofazns

    M-Audio AV40 Subwoofer suggestions

    I just received my AV40 yesterday and have been listening to a variety of music with them since. Its mids and treble are noticeably richer and crisper than my old Z-2300's, but I'm really missing the deep bass impact of the Z-2300 sub. I know, I know, the Z-2300's sub is boomy, messy, whatever...
  20. Melanter

    A Cheap Amp to go between an iPod and M-Audio AV-40s?

    Looking for a cheap amp to go between my iPod Classic and M-Audio AV-40s.  Something under $75.  In terms of music I listen to classic, bluesy rock and hip hop.  I'd like a warm, clear, energetic, big sound... if it's possible to be picky at this price range.  Just listening to them in a living...
  21. Elanzer

    Powered sub for M-Audio AV40 - how to connect?

    I've been thinking about picking up a modest powered sub for these speakers (ie: $150ish or less), something along the lines of a BIC V-1020 or Dayton SUB-100. I'm a bit confused at how it would properly connect in with my setup though.   My AV40s are currently connected to my LD MKIII tube...
  22. Reach

    Sound Card for M-Audio AV-40s

    I was looking for a internal sound card for my AV-40s i'm getting soon. Preferably one with a 1/4 jack input . Around 70 bucks hopefully.
  23. Destroysall

    M-Audio AV40s or Swan D1080MkII08

    Man, it always draws down to uncertainty with me.  Anyways, I was about to go with the M-Audio AV40s the other day, but then I came across the Swan D1080MkII08s, which on Audio Insider are only about a $20 difference from the AV40s.  I did try and do some research but couldn't find any reviews...
  24. seaweed

    Disappointed. Went from M-Audio AV40's to Paradigm Atom. Advice?

    I bought some AV 40's as bookshelves for a small living room. They are hooked up to my HTPC with a X-FI extreme music but I only use them for music, no movies. As long as I adjusted the EQ they sounded pretty good. But after a month I got bored with them and got bit by the audio bug. So I wanted...
  25. ClubSpartanGB

    Monitor Speakers for my PC?

    I've searched the forums about this, but most topics seem to be specific to each user's end purpose.   So.....after using my computer's built-in headphone output to run an even crappier pair of cheap PC multimedia speakers for years, I think it's time to step it up.   I'm looking at...