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Yulong's new DA8

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by yfei, Jan 29, 2013.
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  1. X-PLANE

    Does anyone use both the DA8 outputs (XLR's and RCA) to separate components?   Have mine going to two amps using one at a time for A/B'in.
    Sorry if I bumped this subject a bit..
  2. Viper2005

    Yes I did this all the time when I used my DA8 as main DAC, XLR went to the A18 and the RCA went to the V200. The DA8 has no problem feeding both amps at once.
  3. X-PLANE
      Nice, appreciate the post. I haven't found any issues but perceive a slight level differential from my XLR outputs.. 
  4. grampus
    I have a Yulong D200, I'm wondering if update to DA8 is worth?
  5. b0bb

    Version2 of the DA8 is worth getting, Yulong changed out the master clock in the dac and used a high precision clock. from Crystek.
    Unfortunately Yulong bumped up the price by 8-10%.
    I have Version1 of the DA8 and I upgraded the master clock in a similar fashion and got good results.
  6. bsoontan

    May I ask how did you upgrade the master clock in a similar fashion?
  7. b0bb

    The master clock is the rectangular metal can near the ES9018 chip. I replaced it with the Crystek CCHD950-25-100M which is the exact unit Yulong is now using on the DA8 II.
    This mod was done abut 9 months ago
    Here are the different master clocks I experimented with. The original Yulong masterclock is at the bottom.
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  8. bsoontan
    Thanks for the pics.
    Was it an easy task to complete? Did you require the use of a soldering iron? Where did you get the master clock from?
  9. b0bb

    The clock can be bought from Mouser or Digikey
    Took me about 20mins with the correct equipment, removal of the original Yulong crystal done with a desoldering gun, socket was soldered on using a conventional soldering iron, SMT Crystek soldered on using a  hot air SMT rework tool, solder applied as a paste, some complexity as it involves conventional thru hole soldering and SMT methods such as hot air and solder paste.
  10. bsoontan
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Sounds like you are very good with your hands.
    I think I'll sit this one out.
  11. astrayalien
    Just want in on the thread.  I am a new member of Head Fi.
    I am an Aussie living in China (for work).  I bought a DA8 II recently.  I use it with Beyer T90 (250 ohm) headphones.  I am driving it from my Windows 7 PC over USB.  I use Winyl software - simple but effective.  It sounds great and handles 96/24 music well.  I'll get some studio monitor speakers later.
    I had some minor questions and emailed Yulong direct; they were happy to respond (in English).
  12. earfonia
    Thanks for the detailed information for the modification!
    I recently reviewed Yulong DA8II, and indeed I hear good improvement as compared to my old DA8 [​IMG]
  13. b0bb

    The Crystek change makes quite an improvement to the sound.
    Below is a summary of my DA8 mods.
  14. smaragd
    A white font with a black drop shadow would be at least readable ... In print media there is a rule never to use red on a blue background and vice versa...

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  15. hakushondaimao
    Just an FYI, but Grant Fidelity (North American distributor) is running a Digital Demo Unit and Open Box sale from Oct. 12-21, and there are some DA8 units available (while supplies last). I'm not affiliated with them, but do know the owner. Some good deals to be had.
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