Yulong's new DA8

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by yfei, Jan 29, 2013.
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  1. Esprit
    It's time for a "new" DA8...
  2. Aleksandr-Rus
    есть проблема с несколькими людьми в моем городе, со статической шуму во время пауз, когда вы подключите стационарный компьютер с помощью USB! Это так. Кто-нибудь сталкивался с такой проблемой?
  3. Aleksandr-Rus
    there is a problem with several people in my town, with static noise during pauses, when you connect a stationary computer via usb! That's it. Has anyone encountered this problem?
  4. blueangel2323
    When using Foobar + ASIO the first and last half-second or so of each song is missed while skipping tracks. It's like almost like cross fade is permanently active and can't be disabled. Is there a way around this?
  5. earfonia
    Right, with programmable analog attenuator volume control.
    I have used my DA8 for almost 1.5 years, no static noise issue so far. I ever experienced that long time ago, and was caused by other USB DAC / device connected to the same computer, not from the DA8. Try to disconnect all other USB devices, check if the noise issue is still there.
    My problem now is the display of the DA8 has been deteriorated. Now it has some lines on the upper part of the display. Anyone knows if the LCD display is replaceable ? Tx!
  6. Aleksandr-Rus
    Now I choose to DAC. Such a problem as noise have multiple users with whom I spoke at the forum. But now, in June, the May release of an update da8. Sales of the old version is stopped. So this issue no longer makes sense. I'll wait for the new version of Yulong DA8 and study reviews on it.
  7. albaman
    I just claimed my prize for reading all 35 pages of this post. One of the last DA8s is now on its way to me, here in the Scottish Highlands. A new model is scheduled for May apparently. As I have also read everything available on Yulong amplifiers, I claimed an A28 balanced amp as an additional bonus. And XLR cables. And a new USB cable. And power cables. And a balanced cable for my HD700 'phones.
    So please do not post any more glowing reviews of Yulong products.My wallet is in mourning.
    Incidentally, when I was looking at the Sabre X, Matrix advised me they have a new improved amp due out later this month, to pair with their top dac.
    I decided not to wait for the new products as it would probably be months before I could order and then more months assessing reviews and user experiences. And another 30 or 40 pages of headfi discussion to consider. By which time, it would be time for a new model. ...Again.
    So I have finished shopping. I look forward to enjoying my complete new system.
    But if the sound disappoints in any way, I can always upgrade the dac. Or the amp. Or try new cables. Or switch from foobar to (insert as appropriate). Or upgrade my 192 / 24 library to DSD. Or add power conditioning. Or change headphones. Or try those detached headphones in big boxes. Or buy silent running drones to suspend all cables in mid air. Or knock down the back wall to give my music more air. Or...
    Or maybe I'll just enjoy my music for a while. From memory, I think that's how I started on this particular hamster wheel.
  8. Amleth
    Heh. I hear good things about a lot of those, but be warned; they leak sound like nobody's business.
  9. Rockcoon
    Can this dac+amp combo drive he500s? 1w into 32 ohm it's almost enough, but only just.
    And how it should sound? I'm afraid it will be to bright pairing.
    Also did someone compared da8 to aune s16?
  10. project86 Contributor
    It sounds pretty darn good with HE-500. You can do better, but it will cost you money, desk space, and system complexity. It's really quite enjoyable from an all-in-one. 
  11. Rockcoon
    How do you think, what dac is more smoother and forgiving of this two: Matrix X Sabre, or Yulong DA8 II (yes, the second version will be awaliable in june in Russia)
    Also, i'm looking at metrum acoustic, but it's realy out of my budget.

    Actualy, i planet to go with audio gd nfb 10.33 for the smoothes sound, that possible at 500$ price pool. But have an issiues with swift transaction, and paypal is blocket by obamas sanctions, sad story...
  12. Esprit
    I've received yesterday my DA8II (I own the Mytek 192 DSD and the Yulong DA8).[​IMG]
  13. project86 Contributor
    I have a DA8 II here as well, just arrived recently. Preliminary impressions are that it is an incremental improvement over the original, with the same general flavor but increased technicalities. Mainly due to the improved system clock I suspect. It's smoother than the X-Sabre if that's what you are after. 
  14. Rockcoon
    Yes, that is simple thig, which i wanted to know :)+ da8 has built in headamp, that can be used before i earn money to get violectric v200.

    Should we wait from you a detailed review\comparisions of da8 II, as usual?
    that would be great :cool:
  15. Esprit
    I have the Yulong USB cable and it seems to me "interesting". Only 24 hours of warm up. Tomorrow I'll buy another pair of XLR cables (in order to compare the two Yulong(s)…)
    P.S. I'm waiting for a Matrix (from a friend) and in my radar there are the Shiit Yggdrasil and the upcoming iFi iDSD Pro.
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