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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. DaveLT
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  2. jerzee201
    Apologies in advance if I missed the post... 
    but is there a list of compatible tips for these hybrid iems?  
    I'm particularly interested in triple flange tips.  
    Many thanks
  3. vetsin

    My brother has been using his pair of hybrids regularly and I had the opportunity to try them out again. It still doesn't sound like the one I have. I'm no longer expecting any improvement for his pair. This concludes my updates on this iem.
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  4. MandoBear
  5. AlecR
    Can anyone recommend some foam eartips for these?
  6. tusharthegamer
    are they better than ed9 hds1 ? someone tell me i am about to make a purchase
  7. Aevum
    seeing them of this thread, 22gbp for a pair of thats not even finished well... ordering 2 pairs and having each pair sound radicaly different... and we dont know if its becuase people are buying fakes or there are really production issues with Xiaomi.
    Anyone who ordered them from a reputable place like gearbest and found variations ?
  8. MandoBear
    I'll let you know - I have a second pair on their way from Gearbest as I'm typing this. Will report back when I get them. I really like the pair I'm using at the moment.
  9. Aevum
    I got curious and bought a pair,
    Will compare them to the tenores and the PFE112 when they arive.
    Also, someone wants a pair of Vsonics VSD5 ? they are great for autoerotic asfixiation since they are wortless to listen too.
  10. MandoBear

    My second pair arrived from Gearbest this morning - I gave them a quick listen.  The audio quality is effectively identical to the ones I purchased over a month ago (and very good) - allowing for the fact the new ones were straight out of the box and not burned in in any way.  Cosmetic appearance and fit and finish also perfect and identical to the originals.
  11. Marco Angel
    Have to say that the Hybrids vs the piston 3 are quite similar, At least to my ears they have te sound signature of the house with its little pros and cons
    Hybrid Pros and cons
    Better treble
    Better resolution
    Lack of even sound between the woofer and armatures
    Piston 3 pros and cons:
    Better mids
    against the hybrid they sound a little muddier
    If you use an external Amp, the diferences are more notorious on the Hybrid, it began to show the lack of refinement as they shows more space between the woofer and armatures. but since they are intended to be portable, to me they are my 1rst choice for being on the go.
    I have 2 more pairs on its way, i bought them on Banggood on the xiaomi store (no sponsor)
    I test them with my dx50 and fiio e12a on low gain
  12. bimazon
    In my opinion the Hybrids are good but they have lack of treble, sound muddy. A sad surprise for me, i hoped more about them.
    The piston 3 are a well balanced one (better mids) and more confortable but i prefer the sound of pistons 2, more bass and high treble,
    I use foam earpads and my Fiio amp with my Ipod Classic, always lossless music.
    I wouldn't recommend the Hybrid IEMs
  13. Marco Angel
    This is how they sounded to me right out of the box, after 24hrs of burnin via my dx50-Fiioe12a at the max vol i can stand, they behave quite better, the bass is cleaner and less noticeable (less muddy) and the mid-higs became more present, it still lacks of hi-end sparkle but the greatness of the armatures are noticeable like better resolution. The piston 3 sounds muddy vs the hybrid (at least to my ears and via the e12a).
  14. Aevum
    im starting to think people should post where they bought them (ebay, amazon, a specific shop) to see if theres a difference in quality between sources and if any are selling fakes.
  15. Aevum
    ok i just got mine from Gearbest.
    They sound ok, slightly vailed, slightly fuzzy and uncontrolled, you can tell whats coming from the armature and whats coming from the dynamic dependiing on the sharpness,
    soundstage is there but its close and very intimate, dont expect concert hall.
    the bass needs refinement, and the main complaints, the midrange and voices... yea this wont bring to life the cracked and complex voices of people like Chris Cornell or Bonnie Taylor but its quite decent, Im surprised that Lovebeat Disney sounds good, it very processed and songs feel like they are laminated like a state ID but this brings it back to life.
    The treble is good but then again im testing it out with the AGPTek imp (btw... if you liked the Cowon D2 and want a slightly sharper version, this is your player, just expect LOTS of bugs and workarounds), Its a bit of a dark player so judging good treble is hard.
    First pair of earphones where i can use the hippo ears tips with them staying in my ear canals after i take them off. and the anti tangling braided coating is only up to the Y splitter, and even if it was all the way up it does little to prevent tangling. i had to untangle them strtaight of the box (my mistake, i pulled on the loop).
    Just saying, the bass is a bit out of control, the vocals detal is ok but nothing out of the ordinary, the tonality is good, treble is there, its present, not sharp or harsh but present and non offensive.
    an interesting detail is that a lot of recording have a small detail that kind of tells you something about a headphone and what you´re using to listen to it.
    Every rose has its thorn by poison on some recordings has the vocalist breathing deeply, I have a live version of daughters by john mayer where a woman screems from the audience "we love you" and he whispers i love you too, then someone in the audince says "its all good" and another says "nobody likes you" (i wonder how that got passed mastering). Salvation song from chris cornel in live in sweden a woman says something that you cant figure out but depending ont he headphones you can hear her better or now.
    another thing, isolation is between ok and meh, would give it a 3.5/5, as for sound leakage, its not a grado or a dollar store headphone where you´re on the train and the whole wagon knows what you´re listening to, but expect the person sitting next to you to be humming along to your tune.
    the tenores costed me 34 euros, this costed me 17 euros. (gearbest)
    The tenores are better but i feel like i got more for my money with the xiaomis, maybe the bass might tightern,
    If i had to described them... Punchy and fun. This is the headphone you need for those catchy 80´s tunes that lift your spirit, but if accuracy and detail cheer you up, this headphone isnt for you.
    The biggest "crime" these headphones commit by a country mile is that the armature is not paired correctly with the woofer, You can clearly tell whats coming from each.
    BTW... i dont understand the people who say vocals are muffled on this... im listening to dear jessy by madonna which if you have a decent clean copy its a great test song due to the mix of a stedy beat, a good voice and the classical instruments in the back.
    Its still better then the VSD5, **** vsonic.
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