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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. thatBeatsguy
    Where did I ever say that they only work with Xiaomi phones? It's an established fact that they work on certain devices, but know that there are earphones with Android-compatible remotes that work with the majority of Android devices, as there are Apple-compatible earphones wired for Apple devices. 
    "The Xiaomi phones were designed primarily for Xiaomi phones." There, does that sound better?
    EDIT: Hurr Durr I'm an idiot [​IMG] sorry gonna edit earlier post
  2. LiFan
    As to my Highscreen Boost3 volume buttons work OK. The middle button launches Google speach recognition [​IMG]
  3. MandoBear
    I can confirm that the volume buttons work fine on my Windows (8.1) phone - Lumia 1020.  And - for what it's worth - I'm really enjoying my hybrids.  The sound with them from my xDuoo X3 is really quite something - great imaging/soundstage and a really lively, detailed presentation and a disciplined (not overblown) bass, the mids are well-behaved and perhaps very slightly recessed, but overall, quite a balanced sound.  Mind you, I did burn them in for about 18 hours at moderately high volume and that did seem to help - I'm not a huge believer in burn-in, but sometimes it does seem to make a difference in my experience.  I also find them incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods.  Quite a bargain at the prices that Banggood or Gearbest are selling them for.
  4. sionghchan
    If your Hybrid sounds dark, then I think it is a dud.  These phones are anything by dark.  It is definitely V shaped with more of a recessed mids.  The treble is very crisp and I heard a lot of details from my pair.
  5. Feahnor
    They are verified as original. It must be a QC issue.
  6. j0p3Y
    I mailed Banggood, but they are not responding in any way. This will be the last time I bought from them.
  7. MandoBear

    Give them time - don't forget it is coming up to the Chinese New Year (tomorrow - 8th Feb).  It's a big deal and everything shuts down/goes slow for about a week.  Banggood have been pretty responsive to my queries in the past.
  8. ecce
    Got my "hybrid" from Amazon seller-WhiteOak Electronics and Fulfilled by Amazon. Price £22.99 & free delivery.
    Sending back. Right earphone is badly finished. Also the biggest issue is build quality. Metal part is badly attached to the black plastic witch goes in to your ear.There is gap in between also "glue" around it. Look at attached pictures. Also comment about sound:) Way to much bass! It's pleasant to listen but it's so far from neutral flat sound. [​IMG][/IMG] IMG_20160209_204452-01.jpg Forget about packing. There was no white nylon bag around the paper box. Hope it's not a sign of fake or 2nd - B grade goods
  9. MandoBear
    Odd...  Mine are pretty much flawless - from Gearbest in China, cost me about £12.50 delivered (which took about 2.5 weeks).  I hope you get a good resolution to this.
    ecce likes this.
  10. ecce
    It's on the way to amazon. Asked for refund. Will probably try G.Best but 1more hybrid. I guess it's same factory Just by the size looks less "bassy" already.
  11. MandoBear
    Well, I hope it works out well.  I had a quick look at the 1 more website, and from the info they provide, that model looks suspiciously similar (in terms of internal layout and construction) to the Xiaomi hybrid - and they're "tuned" by the same audio engineer, Luca Bignardi - so one might expect a similar sonic signature, perhaps.
    If you're after a less bass-heavy presentation, have a think about the Sony XBA-C10 which give (to my ears) very clear, clean mids and highs, though the bass is a little recessed (for my preference).  They use a balanced armature driver rather than a hybrid design.   However, I've been giving my pair a good run-in (48 hours continuous on a fairly high volume setting) and the bass seems to be coming to life without becoming too dominant.  If you can stand to have a white pair, you can pick them up for about £25, black ones run to about £38.
  12. Fatherboard
    Hi there, im looking for some good budget, around the 20$ price range. I tend to like hearing balanced music and im into alternative rock, punk and other heavy music. Just cant decide which earphones i should get, cant decide if I should get the piston 3, hybrids, the KZ ATE or just go safe and get the Soundmagic ES18.
    Thanks for your help ^^
  13. j0p3Y
    I would stay clear of the dark sounding, treble lacking hybrids. Better buy the Joyroom E107 instead
  14. DaveLT
    I can vote for it. It's FANTASTIC
  15. j0p3Y
    you refer to the Joyroom yes?
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