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xduoo X3-B High-end- DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jared basshead, Jun 13, 2013.
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  1. Inszy
    I don't know. This is a downgrade compared to Fiio X5 :wink:
  2. nekromantik

    Haha I think that's a given. Considering price gap.
  3. mikaveli06
    In sound yes, however x5 was just so big and heavy. I need something that can fit in my pockets comfortably and light weight. I use while lifting weights, no much running though. I really wish they would make a new cowon j3. Small, fairly powerful, 80hrs battery and easy to use. X2 is nice so far, but gotta try x3.
  4. moracajay
    More sound empression pleaze...
  5. Inszy
    The sound is similar to xDuoo X2, only better. Treble are more extended, bass is faster, mids are more exposed, overall sound is more detailed and faster.
    The sound stage is narrow but it may soon improve.
    This is certainly a different type of sound than Fiio X1. X1 is a little muddy, warmer and covered by a veil - good for relaxation. xDuoo X3 is rather technical. Still a little warmed, but more energetic than Fiio.
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  6. moracajay
    Does it have same UI of X2? Pls share pictures. One of the best feature of x2 is that it can play balance connector of my re-600.
  7. Inszy
    Sorry, I didn't take any pictures. But it's look like on photos in this thread, only little smaller (Chinese hands...).
    UI is different. On the screen you have the most information, everything is easy to understand and clean, but it shows the file name instead of the data from the tags (it can be read in the file options).
    For cons: main menu are different from any DAP I had, and without manual you gonna have a problem even how to start the music (but it was reported).
  8. Shawn71

    so it's been sent back?....was much interested to see the "now playing" screen than the stock pictures.
  9. golov17
    what about the readability of the screen in the sun, at x2 with this big problem.. :worried:
  10. Inszy
    Much better. Nothing worse than Sansa Clip, but Fiio X1 can be better.

    It's like in manual (only colours are like in Clip+/xDuoo X3):
    I forgot to mention: X3 is very loud. Level 1/100 is similar to 28/100 from Fiio X1.
  11. goody
    seems interesting..where can we buy this? 
  12. mikaveli06
    How about file limits? Have they mentioned anything on # of files?
  13. Inszy
    I was using 2 x 16 GB so on them there isn't anything like file limits :wink:
    And one good thing - shuffle works on both mSD cards in the same time, for random play X3 see them like one memory (you just need scan media library).
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  14. kafebiwa
    It looks like xduoo company have more and more experience and probably they want to have bigger piece of market.
  15. goody
    Guys when is this dap coming out and where can i buy it.
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