WyWires Red Headphone Cable

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  1. claud W
    Addictive is real good RCB. I am still breaking in Platinum cable and Ether Flows. Lost 12 hours due to Matthew who killed our power Saturday. Another night and I will switch Flows to single ended Red and connect them to my desk top system.  The moment of truth will be after I connect Ether Cs to balanced platinum and Schiit premium stack,
     which I am used to hearing with Red cable.
  2. RCBinTN
    Hi Claud,
    Every time I get either the LCD-X or the Ether Flow on my head with the Platinum cable, they continue to sound better to me.  Still breaking in both cables and the Ether Flow, too.  I take it you didn't want to listen to 100-hours of EDM, just let the music play :).
    Hope y'all are OK after Matthew.  The pictures coming in from NC are pretty rough.
    Will be interested in your comparison of the Red vs. Platinum on the Ether Cs.
    Best -
  3. claud W
    I hope I can get some listening in tonight. I switched Ether Flow to computer mini Schiit stack and single ended Red last night.    Has any one here tried any of Alex's coax digital cables?
  4. claud W
    Well, after 4 days and no response, I ordered one of Wywires Platinum digital coax cables to connect my Oppo 83 Blu Ray player to my Yiggy. I am presently using a good cheap Stereovox digital coax, but its a $100 cable and you can hear the difference in coax cables.
  5. claud W
    Boy Oh Boy can you hear the difference. Got My Wywires Platinum coax digital cable today. What a big improvement!!!!! More bass, detail and realistic tone. I called Alex and he told me it would get better for 100 hours of use. BETTER!!!! hard to believe. I guess I am now getting the performance I paid for from my Yggy.
  6. claud W
    With the aforesaid Wywires digital experience under my belt, Yesterday I ordered a USB cable and short Silver interconnects from Wywires to hot rod my Modi multibit and Vali 2 Schiit stack. Presently I am using Audioquest Carbon USB and Schiit PSY interconnects. 
  7. RCBinTN
    The only other Wywires cables I have, besides the red and platinum HP cables, are a set of blue analog interconnects.  Use them between the GMB DAC and the Bryston amp.  They work great - transparent.  Alex told me, when I ordered them, that Jason uses Wywires blue interconnects to hook-up his own equipment.  In good company :).
  8. claud W

    You have a similar connection to mine. I have balanced Blue Wywires ICs connecting Ragg and Yiggy. My christmas present to myself will be to upgrade to Platinum. They are short so it won't be an arm and a leg, just a leg!! Are you buying direct from Alex? If not you should do so. Nice guy and it makes him happy if you like his wires.
  9. RCBinTN
    Hey, good to meet another Wywires fan!  The Rag + Yggy with Wywires in between must sound superb.  Nice rig - enjoy your music!
    I bought my first Red HP cable a few years ago for my original LCD-X.  I wanted to replace the stock cable, so phoned up Wywires and Alex answered.  I think it was a Sunday afternoon.  My rig at that time was BiFrost - Asgard2 - LCD-X.  The process was very cool - Alex wanted to understand my rig, music, HP's and get to know me, before he would make the cable.  I came away well-satisfied - could not expect better customer service, ever.
    I have another cool story.  The first HP meet that I attended, one of my Wywires cables was damaged by rough handling.  I posted information about the damage on the meet thread, and said I planned to repair the cable with black tape.  Alex immediately responded with instructions to return the cable for a no-charge repair because, in his words, "I hate black tape!"  How about that, folks!
    Since then, I have ordered a new Wywires cable to complement my every HP purchase.  All my headphones - LCD-X, Ether Flow and HD800 - have Wywires cables.  I didn't feel the need to shop around for a better cable - I already have the best.  I am very satisfied...never looking back.
    Then, there came the opportunity to beta-test the Platinum cables for the LCD-X and Ether Flow.  What a great opportunity!  My impressions are posted on this thread, but net the Platinum are a great upgrade to the Red once they break-in.  More transparent, neutral sound with expanded sound stage especially vertically.  Instruments are more clear and their position in space are better defined.  The Platinum gave the LCD-X better mids/treble, and gave the Ether Flow more bass, while still a neutral "reference" sound which I like.  IMHO, as always.
    All the Best -
  10. musicbuff
    Since my 1st purchase of WyWires Red for my Hifiman HE-6 headphones, I've added a pair of silver bi-wired speaker cables (Monitor Audio Gold 300) and a platinum USB interconnect between my computer and DAC (Calyx Femto).  Talking about detail and holographic soundstage, It's simply exquisite!
  11. claud W
    Lisening to my puter Schiit stack with Wywires Silver ICs and that Platinum USB cable to my Mac Mini. I started last night to do a 100 hour break in. Listening with HD 600 Senns with Toxic Silver Poison headphone cable. I never thought that they were particularly short on bass, but now they are seriously able to dig deep and be bass articulate. Soundstage is really nice too. With the right tube, the Stack kicks ass.
  12. Torrs
    Does the wywires headphone cable provide the same upgrade compared to an equivalently priced amp? I am currently running a pair of ether flows off a chord mojo. Being in college it's difficult to have a desktop rig as I am changing my residence frequently.
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  13. RCBinTN
    Hello Claud and All,
    Happy New Year! Just a brief update from my side. Since my last post here, I've acquired the following cables from Alex:
     - Platinum USB - 4-ft
     - Platinum XLR interconnects - 0.5M
     - Platinum HP cables for HD800 (x2) - 4-pin XLR and dual 3-pin XLR - so me and the wife can listen together :)
    Yes, I love Wywires cables!
    The first to show-up were the USB and interconnects. The USB replaced my toslink (Mac to GMB), and the Platinum interconnects replaced my Blue Wywires interconnects. I heard an improvement to soundstage and midrange (overall SQ), in particular with the Ether Flow. The midrange of the Flow are now approaching the HD800, no small feat there! The effect seemed less pronounced with the HD800, until I continued listening...I didn't think the stage and mids of the HD800 could be improved, but Alex did improve them with these Platinum cables!
    Second, received yesterday:  Platinum HP cables for the HD800. I had been using Red cables for the HD800 (they sound great), but now my Platinum set is complete!  Full Wywires Platinum from source to ears with all (3) headphones. YES!
    Alex has again improved the build of his Platinum HP cable - based on input from his customers - it's now lighter and more flexible, similar to the Red cable. Very nice, IMO.
    Net, I am now breaking in three cables at the same time: USB, interconnects, and HP cables. You know, that's fun. I prefer to break in new equipment while listening to music, not with the pink noise or whatever. I am already starting to hear the capability of these rig components, not to mention the HD800. They've never sounded so good to my ears!
    For reference, my upstream rig is MacPro - JRiver22 - Gungnir MB - Bryston BHA-1 - headphones. The music is all 16/44.1 ALAC/FLAC (ripped from CD's), or in a few cases 24/96 or 24/192 from HDTracks. I prefer rock/alt/blues/jazz/acoustic and listen at reasonable levels so I can hear the music. It is all digital music. Occasionally I listen to metal, then I put on the LCD-X. :)
    IMO, every cable upgrade I've made (all with Wywires) has improved the sound of this rig. Perhaps the Yggy and maybe a WA5 amp would be the next step, but at this point, I'm not overly inclined to jump. I'm real happy with where my music is.
    As always, YMMV and IMHO. Cable upgrades can be somewhat subjective, but I have personally heard the benefit to my listening experience.
    Enjoy your music!
  14. Audio Addict Contributor

    I could not agree more. I have the Platinum USB and Platinum 4 pin XLR headphone cable. Alex is making a Platinum adapter to use with my soon to arrive Utopia.
  15. canali
    newbie here...about to pull the plug on some Sony Z1R cans...(also have senn 650s)
    also considering selling alot of my stuff to afford upgrading my dac to a the new hugo2
    ...am looking at either the new wywires platinum..or the wireworld nano platinum eclipse for my sony z1r
    has anyone done a comparison?
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