WyWires Red Headphone Cable

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  1. claud W
    Canali, If I were you, I would get a Wywires Red headphone cable for the HD 650s and a Platinum for the TOTL Sonys. 
  2. canali

    thanks...still researching...boy that's a tough, skeptical crowd in the senn 650 thread..I asked if anyone had tried
    the wywired red series.
    ''just wire, better spent on other things''

    and hey that is ok...i'm a skeptic myself with alot of the accessories in hifi (lots of koolaid and hype and placebo).
    ...wish there were some double blind tests done...i'm a big believer in that.
  3. Shmuel
    Wywires platinum is absolutely wonderful with the Sony--clear and detailed yet full and musical.
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  4. Audio Addict Contributor
    Check with Alex on his audition policy. Try without risk.
  5. RCBinTN
    I think this is pretty solid advice.  I think the Red cable would be just fine with the HD650.  Good value and great sound.
    When I started upgrading cables, I bought the Red (after consulting via phone w/ Alex) for my HD800 and LCD-X.  I was very happy with the Red, the sound was much better than the stock cables.  Then, Alex offered the Platinum for LCD-X as a beta test.  His first Platinum weren't the best - really stiff - but he's improved the build greatly with revisions.  Now I have Platinums for both the HD800 and LCD-X, the newer designs, and am very happy with them, but I was never dissatisfied with the Red.
    The key with Wywires is to consult with Alex so he understands your rig, music, and other personal factors (like sensitivity to treble, etc.).  He can adjust the cable build to your personal tastes.
    The different HP's have unique connectors, especially Sennheiser, so you need dedicated cables.
  6. canali
    thanks guys..yes Alex did offer me a 30 day trial (shipping not included if i do return...totally understandable)
    you know how it is: oftentimes with $$$ cables (and accessories) there is so much hype and placebo effect going on.
    so given there is a 30 day trial, i just might try them out.
  7. RCBinTN
    Need to note - the cables do need a break-in time.  Alex recommended 150-hours for the Platinum to reach their full potential.
    I fully understand the hype about cables, but I've personally heard how better cables improve the SQ of a rig.  I'm a believer (and a satisfied Wywires customer)!
    Enjoy the ride!
  8. AppleheadMay
    I checked thw WyWires site but can't actually find much about the materials used in the conductors.
    Does anyone know what is used in their cable lineup?
    Do any of the cables use silver only?
  9. RCBinTN
    I think Alex is using Litz wire.  I believe he adjusts the build based on your specific needs and desires.  That's why he wants to consult w/ his customers before making them a cable.
  10. Womaz
  11. Audio Addict Contributor
    I have a new balanced Platinum coming in to mate with my Utopia. I have been using an adapter Alex built but decided to get a connection out of the signal path.
  12. musicbuff
    Since my last post I've upgraded my speaker cables from WyWires silver to platinum. I thought, "How can things possibly get any better?" But after connecting the platinums I was amazed by increased clarity, details and soundstage accuracy (depth and width). I was listening to Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?" CD and heard him talking softly in a place I'd never heard before. I've ordered a RED series adapter for my RED series HP cable. I have a pair of Hifiman HE-6's which I drive with my amp. I'd made an extension using cable from the original HE-6 cable to connect to the amp speaker taps.
    Then it hit me, "I'm probably hearing decreased SQ from the HE-6 because I'm mixing the WyWires HP cable with Hifiman's original cable." I e-mailed Alex asking if he could make an extension so I'd have that wonderful WyWires continuity. He told me about the extension. I immediately ordered it. Can't wait to get it.
  13. claud W
    Its been a while since I visited this thread. Once again I am going to have to rewire some headphones and system. A few weeks ago I ordered a DNA Stratus. I have a 12 month wait for it. After much research, I have ordered new Sen HD 800S headphones on Ebay (best price). Not knowing which way to wire the HD 800S, I have reread this thread. SOOOOO now I need a Platinum for the 800s, a one meter Platinum IC for the Stratus and I might as well get a Red for my old HD 600s which are my only non Wywires headphones. Anyone here using the Platinum with HD 800S?
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  14. musicbuff
    Anyone try the Platinum with a Sennheiser HD-650,,,overkill?
  15. musicbuff
    I upgraded from Red to Platinum for my Hifiman HE-6. I knew the change increased the sound to "top notch" but didn't realize how much until I bought a used Sennheiser HD-800. The HE-6's soundstage is now as wide and almost as deep as the HD-800's. Detail, imaging and clarity are almost the same with the HD-800 pulling forward by a nose. Considering those are super strengths of the HD-800, that's saying a LOT for what the Platinums have done for the HE-6. Now I want a balanced pair of Platinums for the HD-800 (wonder if the Platinums will rocket the Senn's performance through the stratosphere)? I'd say the biggest difference between these 2 headphones right now is that the HE-6 has a visceral bass slam that the HD-800 can't possibly rival. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Platinums bump the quality and quantity of the Senn's bass up, down and out a bit (or quite a bit) more.
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