WyWires Red Headphone Cable

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  1. noplsestar

    Thanks! But what about plugging them directly into the iPhone/Mac Book etc. Does it work?
  2. Audio Addict Contributor
    If you have the balanced 3.5 mm TRRS termination, the answer is no but there are adapters to convert the balance to a single ended for use in a regular headphone jack.  Just ask Alex to build an adapter when you order the cable.  That way you will  have both covered.  
  3. noplsestar

    Thank you! That's what I wanted to know!
  4. musicmac
    Just received my Platinum Cable for the LCD-X and out of the box I can definitely say it is a significant step above the Red (hard to imagine after spending half a year being impressed with the excellent sound quality of the Red).
    Stay tuned for listening impressions after I get a little run time on it...
  5. musicbuff

    Congratulations! Can't wait to hear about the improvements.
  6. RCBinTN
    Wow, congrats!  I've got one too.  Took >100 hours to really break it in, but as time went on the SQ of the LCD-X became better...in every way.  The bass is now superb.  The mid-bass and transition into the mids is perfect.  And, the upper mids/treble is really great.  An overall improvement to the SQ of the X.  No need for the LCD-4 - all you need is the LCD-X and the Wywires Platinum cable.  IMO (I've not heard the LCD-4).  
    Cheers -
  7. RCBinTN
    Hi All,
    FWIW, I've received the new-design Platinum cables from Alex - for the LCD-X and Ether Flow.  Am in the process of breaking in these cables. The build quality is much improved over the original design - more flexible - and Alex reports the new design should burn-in faster than the older design.
    Most of my recent time has been spent with the Ether Flow - breaking in the cable + the HP's at the same time.  Will provide impressions of this journey (already, great fun listening).  
    All the best,
  8. musicbuff

    Congratulations on the upgrade!  Didn't even know Alex had redesigned the platinum cables.  Musicmac never did get back with his impression of the cables.  Glad you did.  Is it just the Platinum's build quality that's changed or has the SQ also improved?  Still luvin' my HE-6/red WyWires combo (even more since I hooked them to the speaker taps of my vintage Yamaha Natural Sound Amp--1980). Very hard to imagine music any sweeter.  Looking forward to your impressions.  Please don't disappoint!
  9. Toolman
    More impression from Platinum owners please...looking to upgrade my cables soon. [​IMG]
    Has Anyone using red series balanced with hd700 ? and someone can confirm this cable work with other headphones with 2.5 connector such as Hifiman or oppo ?
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  11. claud W
    I was using a Red balanced with my Ether C 1.1, but I returned it to Alex who converted it to single ended. I have had my balanced Platinum  cable a couple of weeks, waiting for new Ether Flows to arrive, but getting tired of waiting. If I don't hear from Mr Speaker this week, I'm just going to break them in on the Ether C.
  12. RCBinTN
    Cable update time.  I have the redesigned Wywires Platinum for both the LCD-X and Ether.  Currently focused on breaking in the Platinum + Ether Flow.  With around 40-50 hours on the combination the SQ is opening up nicely.  The Flow have a smooth presentation, quite linear, that pulls you in.  The Platinum along with the Flow provide a superior mid/vocal presence that's not as well-defined with the stock cable.  With time, the lower bass is also opening up, not sure if that's the Flow or the cable, but the resulting SQ is quite nice.  Net - this combination when fully cooked will be a winner!
    BTW, Alex made me a Red cable terminated with a 2.5mm balanced connector for the balanced output of my AK120ii.  I think he can do any connector you need, and a 3.5mm SE would certainly be no problem at all.
    Cheers, enjoy your music!
  13. RCBinTN
    Hello All,
    A few comments on the questions about different Red cables from Wywires...
    Personally, I have Wywires cables for all my headphones.  They are terminated with LCD and HD800 headphone connections, and the upstream plugs are all 3-pin or 4-pin XLR for balanced.  I don't have any SE terminated HP cables as my main amp is a balanced design.  My cables are all about 5-ft or 1.5M in length.
    Alex also made me a cable with a 2.5mm balanced plug (to output from the AK120ii DAP) with mini-XLR terminations on the other end for the LCD-X.  The cable works great (and the AK can drive the LCD-X pretty well).
    I am a big fan of the Red cables.  I replaced all my stock cables with the Red, two sets each for LCD-X and HD800.  The Red's opened up the sound of those HP's.  IMO, you can't go wrong with the Wywires Red.
    The first step is to contact Wywires directly via their web site.  Alex may even answer the phone himself, if you call.  He will want to know, before he makes a cable:  what's your rig, your headphone, what kind of music you listen to and at what volume, length, connectors, etc.  I really like this approach - he doesn't want to make a cable that won't delight you.
    BTW, I have no affiliation with Wywires.  I just have a bunch of Red cables and love their SQ.
    FWIW and enjoy your music,
  14. claud W
    Breaking in my Wywires Platinum and Ether Flows on my balanced system for 100 hours of EDM on Jango internet radio. After that, I will change to single ended and plug flow into my desktop computer system for another 150 hours on Vali 2/Modi Multibyte. This is the best and easiest way I know how to break in new wires and headphones.
    . DSC_1687.jpg
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  15. RCBinTN
    Just a brief update on the Platinum cables, finally put the LCD-X back on my head after a few weeks with the Ether Flow.  I have Wywires Platinum for both these cans, a lucky dog!
    The LCD Platinum cable isn't fully broken-in, like the Flow cable, it's got around 50 hours on it.  The listening experience was great.  The Platinum has a different sound than the Red (and certainly any stock cable), where the overall SQ seems more reference to me.  With the LCD-X headphones, that means the bass is just superb and the mids/treble are opening up with time.  The LCD-X already sounded very linear, now the Platinum cable is making them even more linear...by that, I mean the mids are moving forward and the transition points between bass/mid/treble are becoming smoother.  The SQ is really good.
    I don't know if these impressions make much sense, but as time goes by I'm enjoying the LCD-X even more and that means a lot.  They were already great with the Red - now the SQ is becoming better and more addictive :).
    Hope this helps,
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