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WyWires Red Headphone Cable

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  1. setamp
    I recently purchased a WyWires Red headphone cable to compare to the Toxic Silver Widow on my LCD3.  The WyWires is an excellent cable that I found to be a significant step up from the Silver Widow (another fine cable!).

    My system consists of a Bryston BDP1 / Lampizator L4G4 / Eddie Current Balancing Act / LCD3.  I listen primarily to rock and blues.  I like weighty bass, liquid midrange and detailed but sweet treble.  I like to listen to all of my music and not just audiophile releases.

    The WyWires Red headphone cable made a positive difference in my sound.  The most noticeable improvement was with the soundstage.  Soundstaging is not a strong suit of the LCD3 but this cable expands the stage to widths and especially depths that I have yet to experience from my setup.  I am now hearing palpable images defined within the soundstage.  With the Toxic SW, I heard decent width and music appeared across that width with good separation but without the sense of belonging to an individual musician.  It seems the WyWires cable is providing a blacker background and more information to supply these room definition and instrument placement cues.

    The bass on the WyWires goes deep, has weight and does not encroach upon the midrange. Notes are very well defined, whole and round.  In comparison, the Toxic SW sounds slightly woolier spreading into the lower mids.  Bass notes on the WyWires are more distinct with no less weight or intensity.

    Mids on both cables are just beautiful.  With the WyWires, however, I am hearing more nuance in voices.  I find myself listening move closely to female vocalists paying more attention to the character of their voices.  I am hearing qualitative differences I haven't noticed before - there is just more information there.

    Highs on the WyWires are significantly more extended than the SW's. They are equally sweet with absolutely no grain, etch or glare.  I am extremely sensitive to these artifacts and find them in neither cable.  With the WyWires, however, I am hearing more detail in the uppermost range.  This probably helps create the soundstage and imaging benefits I mentioned above.

    While both are excellent cables which are far superior to the Audeze stock cable, I find the WyWires works better in my system.  The WyWires red provides the soundstaging and imaging I have been missing with the LCD3's.  While both are similar with regards to sweetness and tonal accuracy, I find the WyWires to reduce the thickness in the lower mids and allow me to hear far deeper into midrange reproduction.

    I like both cables but give the hat tip to the WyWires Red.  It provides a significant improvement to my system.  They are available from WyWires with very little lead time.  I received mine within a week of placing my order.
  2. Lenni
    thanks for the detailed review. I was hoping someone would post their impression of this cable. It does look interesting. so very pleased it's a quality cable.
  3. santacore
    Yeah, all the WyWires cables are top notch in my opinion. I have his IC's, power cords, and speaker cables in my system. It's time to get a couple of reds for my headphones!!
  4. Audio Addict Contributor
    Thank you for your review. Mine just arrived today.
  5. zachchen1996
    Does anyone know where the red stands in the wywires hierarchy in comparison with the gold, platinum, silver, & blue cables? Wonder if wywires would be willing to make iem cables too.
  6. setamp
    I don't think the red is part of the hierarchy but is an adjunct line for headphones. 
    It doesn't hurt to send a message to WyWires to ask about iem's. 

    Let us know what you think Audio Addict.  I found them to sound really good out of the box but they really opened up with some burn in.
  7. alexsv
    Setamp, thanks much for taking the time to document and share your impressions. You are correct in that the Red will take its own path apart from the others. Totally different cable.
    IEM cables are in development and that's all I can say.
  8. zachchen1996
    Are you guys interested in possibly making iem cables in the future?
  9. alexsv
    Yes, we are working on that. Requires some different thinking vs full size headphones. Not able to estimate when they will be available.
    zachchen1996 likes this.
  10. Audio Addict Contributor

    I have it burning in with the PAD system CD. I should say I probably am a little biased towards WyWires as I have the Gold Powerbroker and 4 of the Silver power cords.
  11. warrenpchi Administrator
    I'm glad you like it, certainly validates some of my impressions I can tell you that.  [​IMG]  You see, when the LCD-X and LCD-XC were first launched, I threw up some impressions that mystified others.  Those impressions were - of course - taken with a prototype WyWires cable, as they were kind enough to include me as a product tester.  I think your impressions above go along way towards explaining what I heard and said.
    I'm actually thinking about going all WyWires myself.  Then again, I'm running Nordost right now for power/USB/IC... so it's not easy to sell myself on the idea of switching.
    And also because of that special thing that has to be done for that doohickey in order to... ah, okay, I'll shut up about that.  [​IMG]
    Yup, yup.  Although I do have a different WyWires Audeze cable here that looks like this:
    And that's all Ima say about that.  [​IMG]
  12. alexsv
    The white one is an early prototype. It's stiff and unwieldy.
  13. warrenpchi Administrator
    Honestly, that doesn't bother me when I'm relatively motionless at my desk.  But yeah, I can understand how that can't be a final product.
    Still, for me, it's mind over matter:  if I don't mind, it don't matter.
  14. mikemercer
    I'm SO psyched to see the response to the WyWires headphone cable!
    I still have the very first prototype (as Warren and I were both early product testers for Alex at WyWires).
    I knew it was going to be a hit when Dan Meinwald (of E.A.R USA) actually enjoyed listening to my Audeze LCD3s with the second prototype cable!
    He's not exactly a headphone guy (he's the importer - VERY into high end two channel in-room gear/sound) - but there he was, with
    me, Warren, and Kevin Venable - in his house, enjoying the headphones!!
    I've known Alex and his wife Nina for awhile now, and always LOVED their cables - and I also knew he would be able to deliver a cable much faster than some other "high end audio"
    manufacturers! And I KNEW it would be damn good and he was willing to make it affordable for people who are plunking down heavy bucks on high end cans!
    You HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK my friend!!!
    One thing in-particular that I've always loved about Alex's cables at WyWires - is the presence or air in the music - dimensionality, right down to his USB cables!
    Not to mention steady dynamic detail retrieval, micro and macro - and a silkiness that isn't a veil, but fluid, and not congested either.  For examples: playing Radiohead's
    "Everything in it's Right Place" off Kid A: The sounds just flows, there's no over-hang in the lower mids, and the bass it tight and dissipates quickly. It's just AWESOME.
    Especially for the money.
    In my top 4 headphone cables for my best rigs!!!!
    Rockin mine...
  15. mikemercer
    how you feel about em??
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