Worth selling the 2005/6 DT880 250ohms to get the 600ohms version?
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I loved my dt880's 600 ohm.... I probably spent way to much on them though, because now I am taking a big loss selling em on the forums.  Also took 4 weeks to get delivered by Beyerdynamic for the customization options on the new ones.  Now with the LCD-2s its a whole different level of fidelity and I no longer feel I need them.  But if they don't sell I may end up just keeping them (office rig perhaps!).  
But I mean while I had them I would never get fatigued, enjoyed them quite a lot.  But you better have the amp to make them sing.  
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I am an old Beyer warhorse (see sig), and I always liked the DT880 in all its recent versions, although they were all a bit inferior technically. And I am vice president of team sceptic, tell me something about cables and big balls amps, and I'll just raise one eyebrow.
The DT880'600 is special though. My first contact is roughly 6 months back, and it was my 1st Beyer that had PRaT worth mentioning, as they got rid of that typical midfi slow Beyer one-tone bass. Even the mids have a hint of warmth, and that 1990ish treble peak has also disappeared. I'd say, a DT880 on K701 level, but with more musicality than the AKG.
Long story short, I got rid of my 250 ohm sytems and organized those 600 ohm systems, I love it, and it even rivals my all time favorite pimped MS Pro. All my other Beyers were for occasional usage only, but this is the big boy. I even prefer it over the T1, go figure!
  Yes, it's worth selling the 250 ohm version in favour of the 600 ohm version IMO.
The DT880'600 has one issue though. It has less bass than the 250 ohm version. That's why I put it into a closed vincinity after a while.
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I have the DT880/600 and i find them too bright...

you are not alone, my brother. 

the dt880/600 treble spike is there.
some folks can take it, others can't.
i'm somewhere in the middle.  it bothered me... sometimes. 
so, i put some felt in there, and it helped somewhat...
the dt990 may very well have equal amounts of treble, and the same spike in the 10kHz range, but the presentation (and balancing act of copious amounts of bass) make this not objectionable to me at all...  strange, i know.  but that's how i hear it. 


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yes. The DT880/600 and DT990/600 treble is exactly similar.  But with the added bass featurette from the DT990's makes the treble not stand out too much. I absolutely love them with the gaming and movies, but I can't listen to any of my albums for 30 min straight without getting fatiguing. The DT880 treble stands out even more since it lacks bass -> making the triangles, bells, whistles,  tones, etc etc.. sound uncomfortably flinching and even more tortureous on slightly bad recording tracks. The detail when used in movies is the best I've ever heard tho, and brightness is not noticed here as much as in music.
All my music is done with the HD650's since i can't stand either beyers' treble for music.  It's a shame tho, If DT880's and DT990's had more smoother and warmer treble, I would no doubt would instantly sell my HD650's in a heartbeat. Either I'm super-sensitive to high treble frequency or my hearing is excellent and still going strong to notice the spikes in the upper registers. lol

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Your amp must be doing something like adding treble to the treble then because the DT 880 has balanced/neutral treble.
Even Beyer calls it that.
The DT 990 has a treble and bass push though.
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Your amp must be doing something like adding treble to the treble then because the DT 880 has balanced/neutral treble.
Even Beyer calls it that.

TheWuss has problems with his DT880's, other people have reported problems as well.
I am positive my Woo Audio 3 amp is definitely not the culprit here. I can easily spot harshness in the highs, and let me tell you, the DT880/DT990 got some serious treble shizzle going on.
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DT880/600 is more refined than the 250 ohms, and most listeners can notice that after a short comparison between the two. Before the minor changes in the quantity of the highs or bass etc, the first thing I thought was that 880/600 is clearly more truly sounding as a whole. It is more transparent, less fatiguing, more detailed, more consistent. I do not know if this is 'a night and day difference', but there is a difference that an audiophile can easily understand. 
But after all, it contains the beyerdynamic sound signature that the 880/250 also represents. If one does not like the overall sound signature of the beyer family, it is possible for one not to give importance to the better presentation of the 880/600s. If you like what any rendition of DT880 aims to do, 880/600 does it ideally. 
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Your amp must be doing something like adding treble to the treble then because the DT 880 has balanced/neutral treble.
Even Beyer calls it that.

The DT 990 has a treble and bass push though.

Amp? Not likely.
Source? Possibly.

My dt880s are a bit bright, but the degree is depedant on the source.

For instance, they do not pair well with the nuforce hdp, to my ears. That is a bright, detailed, and somewhat forward sounding dac.

The stagedac has a smoother treble, to my ears. And since rolling it into my home system, i have noticed considerable improvement in the beyer phones.

But, keep in mind, the phones are what they are. An amp or source coloration is always going to be minor. Unless we are talking about a piece of junk amp. Which u should not be listening to anyway.

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I wonder how the DT880/600 or DT990/600 would sound on the Beta22 or RockShopper m^3.
some have reported it smoothes that colouring that recordings are always adding and makes it sound extremely sweet. And like i said, The DT880 and DT990's are treble oriented. Nothing you can do will change that. It's just the way beyer designed them, some like it, some hate it. You choose what's best for you.
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600 beyer ohm theories are all a bunch of b.s. beyer are probably laughing their asses off and tricking you guys into thinking they sound better.
I'm ready to sell my 600ohm and try some 250ohm'ers. screw 600ohm, 250ohm is where the real party is !
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So compared to the Sony MDR V6 insane treble.
Beyer DT 880 sounds like it has no treble maybe even negative direction treble.
And compared to the Audio Technica ATH AD 700 it sounds darker with its less treble.
So really saying the DT 880 has tons of treble is incorrect or whatever its hooked up is doing something wrong to it.
Because I have a very pleasing nothing fatiguing about them treble that I would say it at 0 or balanced/neutral.
Beyer describes its sound signature like that.
But the DT 990 they say that it has a treble and bass push.
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well.. i probably would classify the dt990 as the brighter headphone, but because of its heavy bass, the treble sparkle doesn't really  stand out too much. Is it fatiguing? a bit, yes, but not really noticeably in bass heavy tracks. but the treble still fatigues me no matter what.  The DT880 treble is just in your face and can be so annoying with the high spikes and sharp treble sizzles making their way heard more easily than the dt990.
The HD650 is the only thing i can listen to for hours and hours with no discomfort and no fatiguing whatsover(they are so soft and very pleasing with tubes). I am thankful to Sennheiser for making the HD650's. I probably wouldn't know what to do without them !
and I'm curious mbtima, do you have the 250ohm or the 600ohm dt880 version?
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I just don't know what to tell you mbtenma. TheWuss and I hate the brightness of the DT880/600, but you find them balanced and neutral.
This is all subjective. I guess it just varies from ear to ear, amp to amp, user to user,  I guess
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That's exactly what it is.  Some people will defend Apple's earbuds to the death, while others will defend the DT880 600s to the same extent.  
This is all subjective. I guess it just varies from ear to ear, amp to amp, user to user,  I guess
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