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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. Oskari

    There is no 6AS7G/6080 in current production, AFAIK.
  2. beaux
    WA22 is a nice pair to hd800/T1. Tubes is a huuuuge investment....
  3. abvolt
    The wa22 is a truly amazing sounding amp with the right tubes that is..enjoy 
  4. Abcidian
    Hello all. My first post on a forum on Head-Fi. In two days I will be in possession of a 2011 model year WA22. I have a single ended Linn Linto phono stage so I know I will not be using the amp to its full potential since it is a balanced amp. Any advice if I should be looking for a new phono stage with balanced outputs or send my WA22 back to Woo to get the phase splitters installed for $250 plus shipping both ways. Any suggestions for the best bang for the buck. Balanced phono stages can be hard to find unless you pay big money. Thanks.
  5. davehg
    I use an EAR 834P with my WA22, and save the balanced inputs for my digital player. The sound was significantly better with balanced digital sources, and tube phono stages with balanced outputs are expensive. I love the sound of the EAR with the WA22
    Abcidian likes this.
  6. leftside
    Yeah, don't worry about it. I feed my phono stage into a preamp and go balanced from there. It sounds great! Tubes + vinyl is amazing.

    I've still yet to beat the sound of my turntable rig into the WA22. Most DAC's sound too bright. (but a recently acquired Lampizator DAC is getting close to the sound of my turntable setup...)
    Abcidian likes this.
  7. Abcidian
    Thanks for the advice. I think I will be sending the amp back to Woo to have the phase splitters installed to bring it up to current specs. Mike at Woo said no other hardware changes are required to bring it up to the current model level. They will also check it out to make sure it doesn't have any other issues so that will give me piece of mind as well. This will save me money which I can put towards a good set of headphones.
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  8. Abcidian
    WA22 picked up today. Now I need to find some headphones that will mate well.
  9. JackDiesel

    Which rectifier is that?
  10. Abcidian
    I bought the amp used (2011 model) and was provided with the stock tubes or something similar in sound quality. I'm new to the tube world and all it says on the tube is 5U4-GB and HIT RAY below that with a circle type symbol in between the HIT RAY. Hitachi?
  11. abvolt
    Looks good congrats & welcome to the club..enjoy
    Abcidian likes this.
    You got the one from Canuck Audio Mart right ?
  13. Abcidian
    Yes. I've been looking for over a month. You would think that when you place a wanted ad you would get lots of replies. You seem to get a lot more when you are selling stuff. Strange.
  14. leftside
    Congrats - there's a few of us living in Canada on here. You'll  get lot's of opinion on here regarding suitable headphones. I use the LCD3F, but with planar headphones they like power tubes such as 5998's, 4 * 6BL7's and driver tubes with a little more gain like the ECC33.
  15. Badas

    I use the Ether Flow and 6080 power tubes. Barely get above half way on the volume.
    I think the new generation planar is not as power hungry as they use to be.
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