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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. Abcidian
    Once I settle on a set of headphones my tube rolling journey will begin!!!
  2. Badas

    What do you have your eyes on?
  3. Abcidian
    Lot's of good feedback on the Focal Elear. Hifiman and Audeze seem to be well reviewed as well. I don't want to make mistakes and buy the best I can afford to avoid buying and selling to get to the end game.
  4. Badas

    Nice. Focal Elear will match nicely. There is a active member on this forum that has the Elear/WA22 combo.
    I had the Elear on my to do list this year. However I have now taken it off. Ether Flow is too good to justify another purchase.
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  5. leftside
    Do the same with tubes :wink: 
    Abcidian likes this.
    Weird indeed, i had the WA2 for sale right on top of the WA22 add on Canuck,but changed my mind and decided to keep it for now it is a very nice sounding amp even if i also own a WA22 
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  7. 2K9R56S
    The Elear pairs nicely with the WA22.  I'm still waiting on my balanced Norne cable to arrive, so I've only been able to use them with the stock SE cable. 
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  8. SP Wild
    My Wa22 runs the stock tubes, it's got a smooth volume control with phase splitters already. It's a very middle of the road amp, neither warm nor bright. It doesn't sound all that tubey to be honest. I still kinda miss the sound of my old Cayin HA1A tube amp, which sounded like an output transformer coupled speedball crack.

    However this WA22 is by far the most transparent tube amp. I am thinking maybe some low gain tubes might help lower a negligible transformer hum, doesn't worry me too much. The old Cayin hummed much more, I sold it because of that and regretted it so much, a noob toob mistake.
  9. abvolt
    Agreed they sound amazing with my wa22..
  10. cheeseeater
    Does anyone have any idea how many hours to expect from Tung-sol 5998?
  11. davehg

    ​I listened to both the Ether Flow and the Elear on the Woo WA5 - very much preferred the Ether. The bass response was not as deep as the Elear, but midrange and top end were really nice.
    If you are starting from scratch and don't want to spend more than $1k, the Elear is a nice choice. At $1500-$2000, I am looking at Ether or LCD3 (not the 2, but maybe the LCDX ), both of which would mate well with the WA22.
  12. Badas
    I used the LCD-X for over a year. It is very nice with the WA22. I much preferred the LCD-X than the LCD-3.
  13. Abcidian
    I'm mostly considering the Elear due to price and the reviews. The Audeze and Mr Speakers are also a possibility if I can find some used. Living in Canada buying new is expensive. Not only do we have the exchange rate buy we have an additional mark-up due to the higher cost of living. In general we can pay as much as 50% more than in the US. Keep the free advice coming. It isn't affected by the exchange rate!
  14. abvolt
    That would be almost impossible to say since most of them will be used no telling how much time is already on the tubes finding a true nos tube is unlikely but you'll probably get a few 1000 hours, the ts 5998 is one of my favorites..enjoy
  15. Abcidian
    Looking at a used pair of Hifiman HE-560 headphones. Any impressions on them especially when paired with the WA22? They may not be a TOTL headphone but I'm thinking for my budget and a first set of headphones they may be a good place to start. Any advice?
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