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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. Abcidian

    ​I have a Linn LP-12 Lingo with and Alphason HR100MCS arm with a Lyra Helikon cartridge. I am using a Linn Linto phono stage which will go to the new owner tomorrow. My new to me PSAudio GCPH phono stage is now on its way to me. I will be without music until late next week.
  2. abvolt
    Wow I'll bet that's nice..
  3. Abcidian

    ​I do like the sound of analog. I'm in the Linn camp where I believe that the source is the most important part of a system. Gear downstream can't compensate for anything that is missing or lacking from the source. That's why I chose the amp before the headphones. I see that many of the members hear have multiple sets of headphones to obtain different qualities of sound. That is what I find interesting about getting into headphones. The same goes for the WA22. We can alter the sound without buying another amp. If anyone wants to post their favourite tubes for the WA22 that would be helpful. Maybe the best sound, best bang for the buck etc. I am new to tubes so I would like some advice to upgrade from the stock set.
  4. leftside
    I've also typically preferred analog, but my new Lampizator DAC is giving my vinyl rig a run for its money.
  5. Abcidian

    ​I own quite a few CD's with most purchased in the 90's when the digital age was coming on strong. I have a older Cambridge Audio CD4 player that I have considered using it as a transport and adding a good DAC to it to see what kind of improvements that will bring. Lots of options in the digital domain I'm sure.
  6. Abcidian
    Does anyone know if this tube is safe to use in the WA22 and what types of sound qualities I could expect?
    Psvane 5U4G
    This is text from the website:
    New ‘affordable and most reliable’ rectifier tube added – Psvane HiFi 5U4G
    Posted on January 15, 2016 by admin
    psvane 5U4G single - largeThis Psvane HiFi series 5U4G is claimed by factory as ‘the most reliable and affordable rectifier tube ever made’. It is a replica of NOS Phico black plate 5U4G rectifier, but maintained a very friendly price tag.

    Rectifier tube is probably the most ‘consumed’ tube on a tube rectified amplifier. It will need to be replaced more frequently than a power tube over time, so reliability and price are both sensitive factors for tube amp owners. Now Psvane is offering a new option for tube amp owners who are not only cost conscious, but also sound driven. Click here to order yours.

  7. Badas

    5U4G is on the WA22 list. Amp and circuit is suppose to be designed for it.
    I have had bad experiences around Psvane. Actually all Chinese new production tubes. I've tried a few like Psvane and TJ's Full music.
    There has been some fireworks.
    If you like your amp I would suggest you avoid.
  8. Abcidian

    ​Thanks Badas. Sounds like good advice. I saw an ad for $50 Cdn and thought it might be worth trying. Not a good deal if it leads to a catastrophe!
  9. Badas

    I saw the result on a WA5. Blew the caps out. Leaked liquid all over the place and did smoke damage to the room. It did eventually get re-capped and repaired.
    I had a Psvane 274B replica blow and a TJ Full 6SN7 music stopped 10 hours in.
    After I saw what happen to my mates WA5. I went home and threw all my Psvanes in the bin.
    I didn't want this:
  10. IndieGradoFan

    I've used the Psvane 274B WE 1:1 replica and a pair of the CV-181ii in my WA22. Both work great and I have no complaints. I eventually upgraded to a WE 422A rectifier and a pair of Tung-Sol 6F8G BGRPs. I haven't heard of major reliability issues with Psvane, Tony's / Badas's experience notwithstanding. YMMV.
  11. ghhf
    Same here, the stock Psvane 300B and Psvane 5U4G pairs come with my WA5 worked brilliant for over a month since open box in Jan 2017 [​IMG] 
  12. leftside
    No probs with the Psvane here. There seems to be some people on here who blow up their amps/tubes more than others [​IMG]
  13. Badas

    Every other tube I have tried has been fine. Occasionally the odd noisy tube. I have rolled a lot of tubes.
    However the Chinese tubes blew or lasted 10 hours. All other tubes since has been fine.
    I wonder if it is our voltage? We are 230-240V.
  14. N15M0
    Can anyone tell me how the wa22 pair with the HD800s and LCD3? Thanks. 
  15. leftside
    Great with LCD3, although you might want to use higher gain tubes such as power tubes such as 5998's, 4 * 6BL7's and/or driver tubes such as ECC33's.
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