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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. cheeseeater
    Hi. I am a recent WA22 owner. Purchased one used on Audiogon. I have a question about the off-high-low-off knob. I assumed the hi-low was in reference to gain, but in my amp there appears to be no difference at all between the two settings. Am I correct in thinking there should be an audible difference between these two? otherwise what's the point?
  2. Badas

    Depends on the tubes. Some tubes produce more volume on one or the other. I have had some that have produced more volume on low than high. Some tubes sound exactly the same on both setting or very close.
    Best thing to do is when you change tubes re-evaluate. Let your ears decide.
    Congrats on the WA22. It's a nice amp.
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  3. Seamaster
    That is a lots of weight on that bottom shelf!
  4. Badas

    Shure is. The only way the gear can fit. Shelf is braced. [​IMG] Bottom shelf is holding amps only. Players up the top are supported by the top shelf.
    Sounds freakin fantastic.
  5. abvolt
    very cool system dude..
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  6. jermaink
    Has anyone from Woo formally commented about whether 6SL7/6SUGT/ECC35/ECC35 can be used in place of the 6SN7, without negative consequences?
    i asked about this a while ago this is Woo reply about 6SL7 i also used the 6SU7GT as for ECC35 im pretty sure it is plug&play but use the search function only one that needs an adapter is the ECC31/6N7 Type                                                                                                                                                                                       6sl7wa22.png
  8. leftside
    ECC35 is one of the best tubes for the WA22.
  9. Storegnu
    Hi, guys!
    I bought the WA22 some time ago ago and have been using it with stock tubes. This is my first tube amplifier, so I am not very experienced in this tube rolling stuff. Right now I need some good advice on which tubes to use with my LCD-3, as I understand that better tubes really can improve the sound. 
    My WA22 is not totally "black" when not playing any music, I can hear a very faint "hum". Is this normal?
    My setup: Digital source --> Yggdrasil --> WA22 --> LCD3
    Nice to see that there is a thread for very nice amplifier! 
  10. Badas
    Yes. That is normal with most tube amplifiers. It's usually transformer hum. I've found these things help reduce transformer hum. Plug amp directly into wall. Don't plug into spike protection or power conditioners (I don't know why it helps). Clean tube pins as best you can. It makes a difference. I personally get electrical contact cleaner in a can and spray cleaner on the pins until it drips in the stuff. Then wipe with a bud (Q-Tip I think). Then wait 30 minutes until pins are 100% dry. Then reinstall.
    Regarding tube rolling. Well that is a never ending journey. I will say if you have the GE 6080 stock power tubes that they are not bad. Sound good with LCD's. So change them last. Brimar 5Z4GY rectifiers are a nice upgrade. Easy to get from Langrex in the UK. Drivers I'm not going to comment too much. RCA6SN7's are cheap and easy to get. I personally use Tung-Sol round plate 6C8G's pictured below:
  11. Arcamera
    Still getting to know my new WA22 through some also new headphones. Loving the sound! [​IMG] Happy listening, All!
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  12. Seamaster

  13. abvolt
    with out a doubt the ecc35's are the best sounding drivers for the wa22, also like the 31's & 32's..enjoy
  14. Storegnu
    Thanks for all the replies guys! 
    Would a good upgrade combination be: 
    - Tung Sol 5998 (which brand, does it matter?)
    - ECC35 (Philips, Adzam ect??)
    - Rectifier??
    And what to upgrade first? Or should I upgrade everything at once?
  15. Storegnu
    Edit: Double post. 
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