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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. Arcamera
    Happy to be part of the club. So far, just using stock tubes for the moment, it's wonderful.
  2. abvolt
    awesome as soon as you start upgrading your tubes you'll find very quickly how well the sq can change for the better..Enjoy the fun dude
  3. HiFiGuy528
    Congrats! [​IMG]
    We would love to see a pic or two of your system. :)
  4. SP Wild

    I think it's quite simple, treble is always more uninhibited with high output impedance on the transformer. Low output impedance always darkens, or smooth out the top end. Low z should be good for bright headphones. Otherwise if the impedsnce matches the high z, best left at that.
  5. Badas

    Never really understood all this impedance stuff.
    What settings would you use on AudioQuest NightHawks and Ether Flow?
    NightHawks seem to sound the same on both Hi and Low.
    At this stage from listening I think the Flow might be better on Hi.
    So I was just going to use Hi on both.
  6. Arcamera

    Thanks everyone. Here is a pic, along with a couple of other recent acquisitions: The Kennerton Odin and Kennerton Vali. So far, I LOVE these headphones.
  7. Badas
    Love it. Nice to see another black unit.
    Are you using a CD transport for serving your music?
  8. Arcamera

    Yeah, an Arcam CD37 SACD player. Old school. Still using CD's.
  9. Badas

    Old school but cool. Nothing wrong with it.
    I use a iPod. So even I don't use computer audio.
  10. Badas

    Nice to see you found our little thread. [​IMG]
  11. abvolt
    awesome currently enjoying some smooth jazz from..enjoy
  12. SP Wild
    Thank goodness these HD800Ss actually sound somewhat musical with the WA22... Reduces it's sibilant nature and also helps with the obvious grain as a result if the treble peak.

    Its not actually a bright headphone, merely a peak in a small area of treble. It is definitely not a low volume can.

    Because I put on the Grado HF2s and these seem bright... But, lower the volume and with the WA22... I love these cans. The uppermids are more complete, more wholesome with a nice bass punch. Electric guitars sound really nice, voices are nice and wholesome. Very engaging and musical headphone, out of any amp really, even more with the WA22.

    I really struggled to make any sense of the HD800S, as I did with the HD800, which was a terrible headphone. The HD800S doesn't actually offend, but out of my AGD Phoenix amp, my solid state reference, a musical, most un solid state like amp... It fails to excite my musical senses. I get the same sound with less treble grain with my used celestion speakers for merely a hundred bucks. Only the speakers are a bit better. This completely trashes the value proposition of the HD800S.

    However with the WA22... Thank goodness I can enjoy these cans.

    I am really enjoying music out of this amp. I wonder what they can do for my Denon D7000s... If only I can remember where I put them away.
  13. Badas
    I had a do nothing day yesterday. So why not? I did a massive 11 hour session on the WA22.

    I was trying to evaluate my new Ether Flows. Bloody nice sounding HP, however to my ears it doesn't suit all music genres or artist.
    It's not a one HP fits all type. It will make certain music sound its best and certain artist sounded better than I've ever heard, however
    other artist sounded better on the NightHawks.

    I will just learn to swap.

    The WA22 performed well yesterday. Sounded great. After all my pin cleaning efforts the other day it definitely helped.
    I might be finding some WA22 love again. Not better than the V281 but still nice. I think I will reserve the WA22 for
    massive music sessions only. 4 hours plus.
  14. abvolt
    That's great dude an 11 hour session wow sounds fun, Now that you've had more time with your Flow's any regrets with replacing your lcd3's. I've been eyeing the Flow's for myself, just picked-up a pair of Focal Elear's and all I can say they are truly spectacular sounding, I'd say it's the best 1k I've ever spent on cans very pleased. Also been thinking about the nighthawks for my gaming rig reviews are great on those cans..enjoy 
  15. Badas

    No regrets on letting the LCD-3's go. Flow runs circles around them. Elear was on my Shortlist. It was going to be Flow or Elear. I think I might put it on next years pickup.
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