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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. Badas
    That's it. I'm grabbing a few pairs for my 596 tubes. I do love TSRP's.
    Looks like a Sylvania 6F8G. I think. It should be good.
    Edit: It says 6L6. I don't know if that can be used???
  2. ghhf

    The effect from Vibb Eaters is significant in my case, obviously darker background, intensive layering/ dimensional experience resulted in better imaging delivery, refer to quote below, not only absorbing vibrations but also magnetic field interference.
    Quoted from:
    "‘Vibb eaters’.... for electronic equipment.

    These have a special sand mixture which leans towards the optimisation of the magnetic characteristics. They still of course offer a greater stability to the chassis of the equipment as well as absorbing vibrations but the ‘Vibb eater’ also neutralises a part of the magnetic field from the electronic equipment. You will always have to experiment to find the optimal position for the ‘Vibb eater’ but we usually find the best place to start is closest to the power cable in-let or the products transformer."
  3. Badas

    Do you have any pics of them on your amp? I'm trying to get to grips with this whole concept.

    I've never heard about them before.
  4. ghhf
    Some of my lab pics experimenting the combo WA22/ Vibb Eater and KK headphone.
    Isn't it cute?
    Badas likes this.
  5. Badas

    Very cute.
  6. ghhf

    It is worth a try, the Vibb Eater can be used with various components (speaker, amp, power supply etc), the effect may vary with different placement position. I have a pairs of the cute, one is sitting on the WA22, another is hiding aside the AC power supply source.
  7. abvolt
    I'd be just a little skeptical thinking a bag of sand could improve sq in any way, but that's just me..Enjoy
    paulomario77 likes this.
    I totally agree                                                                                                                                                                        forum_bodybuilding.jpg
  9. leftside
    I think it's about stopping vibrations and therefore noise rather than direct sound quality?
  10. Badas

    I think I will put a coaster and a beer on top to stop vibrations and see if that works. [​IMG]
    This might work as well.
  11. ghhf

    I find it much more than just absorbing vibrations, get some chance for a try to gain and trust your own experience, that makes more sense than million of words from others.
    Perhaps those love and sensitive to crystal may experience significant effect  [​IMG] 
  12. ghhf
    This will work too ..... [​IMG]
  13. leftside
    I've got some black base B65's on order, so will be interesting to compare to the metal base B65's.
  14. DejanM
    Adding additional weight changes actually resonance frequency of the system: unit + underluying base. In some cases it can be very useful (in getting better sound quality) and in some cases it will not produce any audiable result. It all depends on the existing configuration.
  15. jhljhl
    How they compare to ecc35? be interested to know thanks.
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