With every hair that falls out, a little part of me dies...
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do what all the aging baldies do..buy a sportscar

I found a cheaper alternative:

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I thinking of following your route: I'm not going down without a fight. I'm thinking Rogain and possibly propecia (cut into a lower dosage). Did you experience any sides from it?

On my next trip to the barber I'll get my hair buzzed to see how i will look shaved. If it's presentable, I'll just move on. If its hideous, I must fight on.

Rogaine is available in generic form, and is worth trying if you're worried. Propecia (finasteride) is a Merck product, it should have recently gone off patent. It is also marketed in 4-5X dosage as Proscar (which is prescribed for enlarged prostate). You'll need a prescription. Be aware that finasteride can have bad side effects for pregnant women and developing children...so if you have a wife/girlfriend/hunny or children hanging around, don't let them handle broken pills.

Rogaine basically works by dilating blood vessels in your scalp, increasing circulation. This correlates with slowing hair loss. Propecia works by specifically inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which is a more active form. Preventing the more active DHT correlates with slowing hair loss in some people. Propecia is a targeted thereapeutic, Rogaine is not. So, you can take both and since they work by completely different mechanisms, you may see synergistic effects.

This is not medical advice, just information to get you searching on your own.
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has anyone suggested a head tattoo?


maybe like charlie brown?

oops, i got charlie brown's sweater and homer simpson's hair mixed up
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I haven't had Hair for Thirty Years. But I'm tall enough that no one notices. Till I bend over a blind them. Say, that would come in handy if your lost at sea. One thing though. Don't you notice that certain saddles. From certain Headphones. Chaff the top of your head. And can leave it sore.
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My hair is only slightly thinning, not enough to be bothered by it, especially since I know I will be keeping most my hair for the rest of my life given my family history. What I don't like are the grey hairs that are increasingly showing up. Started with one or two in high school and they have started popping up in larger quantities now in the past year or two. Unfortunately, I knew early greying was coming due to my dad's side of the family, but that doesn't make it any better. So I know what everybody is talking about when signs of aging show up when you are so young
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I told one guy that, he was kinda shocked/skeptical of that...

Then two years later, his(same guy) hair is slightly starting to thin, and he told me he was starting to worry...

Payback FTW! What goes around comes around!

First time I've heard someone wants it to continue...

Most guys are busy saving whats left!

But then again, sometimes I wish that too, I mean if its gonna go, ALL of the bloody hair might as well go right? Its the half @$$ed~ness that gets to me. Its neither here nor there.

I wish that it will all just fall off too, that way no need for haircuts!

Stone Cold Steve Austin FTW !

Add to that:
7. No bad hair day
8. Windy days are not a problem anymore
9. Leave the house without having to look in the mirror
10. If you're late for something, #9 is a real bonus!

Yeah, once a person experiences these things, they'll wonder why they didn't shave off everything in the first place! I know I did!

Overabundance of testosterone is one of the causes.

I don't want all of my hair to fall out. I like my eyelashes, eyebrows, chest hair, and goatee. But the hair on my head...don't miss it at all. I used to have Gene Wilder-esque hair.
What a pain it was!

Now if I wear shades, children confuse me as being Stone Cold. I've been asked for autographs alot.
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I went through the same thing ~3 years ago. It just literally ALL started falling out!! Within a year too. I frieked at first, but then I just decided to shave it all off with a trimmer and the #1 attachment. I've never actually shaved it completely though.

I tried rogaine for 4-5 months. It actually does work, but it made my scalp itch like crazy... I mean, excrutiating endless DEEP penetrating itchiness. But it did preserve the little baby hairs. I stopped though the itch was too much.

its not so bad, some of my favorite musicians and actors are bald, yo usave a lot of $$$ on shampoo and no more Grattle!!
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man, i wish I could share some of mine with you guys. My hair is actually the OPPOSITE of receding. the first hairs on the top of your forehead are supposed to stand straight up. My hairline is so forward they actually face outward because they are growing down the first centimeter of my forehead. And talk about thickness. Its like bear fur. If I grow it out even a full inch its like a giant ball of puff, like the individual hairs are all jockeying for position on my scalp. My dads head of hair is also a huge mass. The problem here is that its IMPOSSIBLE to manage. I have the opposite problem of most people in this thread.

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