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Will a stereo extension cable from a Titanium HD sound card affect the quality of the music?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by ks12, Jul 16, 2012.
  1. ks12
    I have a Titanium HD sound card in my computer and every time I want to change headphones I have to plug them directly into the sound card at the back of the computer which is a pain.  I was wondering if a stereo extension(something like this) would affect the quality of the sound?  Also I am currently using Audio Technica M50's but I have HD 600's coming(ordered yesterday) and I was wondering if a headphone amp would a) give me an easy convenient way to plug in my headphones b) improve the quality of my music and c) I like the idea of having a physical volume knob instead of controlling the volume in windows.  If an amp would help any ideas on which models to start looking for?
  2. proton007
    a) yes
    b) maybe
    c) yes
    Whats your budget? You can look at soundcards as well.
  3. ks12
    Would a Schiit Valhalla work with my setup?  Budget would be $300-$400.
  4. proton007
    If the purpose is just to have the audio jack close to the front then I don't see the extension cable having any problems.
    I'm not sure if your soundcard has a dedicated headphone amp. If it does, then no point spending on a separate amp.
    If it doesn't, you can use an amp, with the soundcard acting as the DAC.
    Which amp to get depends on what you want. I currently use the O2, pretty decent for the price (150) if you don't mind using the adapter for desktop use.
  5. obobskivich
    Try this toy:

    Extension, dual-mono volume control, cheap. Less money in a fire. etc. :cool:

    Otherwise, I'd get one of those Hosa shielded extensions (or the Grado extension, the Hosa is about half the price though).
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I think the TiHD's auto sences the headphone jack, so as long as something is plugged into it, it stuck in "headphone" mode.
    But I'm not a Creative user, so might want to double check on that.
    For around $50, you can get a Muse single tube headphone amplifier, you would plug it into the TiHD's RCA jacks.
    Should do a better job of driving those 300-Ohm Senn HD600.
    And the TiHD can process headphone surround sound thru the RCA jacks.
  7. ks12
    Well I think I would like to try a headphone amp or 2. I might buy an Asgard or/and a NuForce HDP. I want to see how they will sound with my hd 600's and titanium hd. I know I can only use one at a time but I'm curious to hear the differences. Do you guys think one is a lot better than the other? Is it stupid to even buy an amp?
  8. proton007
    With HD600 if your soundcard cannot drive it loud enough you may need an amp.
  9. obobskivich

    I don't think you'll hear anything but what you want to hear, unless the TiHD can't push the HD 600s to a high enough level (and in that case, I'm guessing you've already got hearing damage, so what's it matter). :xf_eek:

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