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Why do all our voices sound different?

  1. kool bubba ice
    What has science come up with.. I find it mind boggling myself if you really look at it.. Same with the lines on our hands & our finger prints.. How can we be so unique, yet so the same?
  2. Kirosia
    Are you on something right now KB?
  3. kool bubba ice
    Sorry.. Is this not a serious question? Or is it so common, I was a fool to ask it?
  4. LFF
    Wikipedia is your friend!
  5. MuppetFace
    I remember reading that women's voices are supposed to be more musical, which makes them harder to conceptualize, and consequently that's why most people who hallucinate hear male voices.
    Perhaps someone who hears voices can verify this?
  6. Paganini Alfredo


    Well I think it's cause the size of our vocal cords are all different. Same with different sets of eyes, hair color, height, etc. We all have different genetic presentations of pretty much the same sets of genes, just slightly different in the end. 
  7. Uncle Erik Contributor
    A lot of people mod their voices with whiskey and cigarettes.

    I'm not sure if cryo would help.
  8. logwed


    Genetic variation is what causes the differences between human beings, in addition to epigenetics and environment.
  9. bhd812 Contributor

    i once thought it would be nice if everyone sounded like Barry White, not sure why i thought that..maybe its because if everyone had a voice exactly like his we would all have it together..wouldn't we?
    we would deifinitly have our thing together..wouldnt it be nice? i mean when you really sit and think about it wouldnt it be really really nice?  I could easily feel myself slipping more and more away to
    That simple world of my own with nobody but you and me..We got it together baby!
    My First!
    My LAST!!!
    My Everything!!!!

  10. anomalouscode
    you might enjoy reading about fractal geometry and chaos theory which is basically about how similar basic building blocks come together to produce something similar and yet unique, for example like how clouds are all made of water vapour and yet take on different shapes and sizes.
  11. kool bubba ice
    Appreciate the serious comments.
  12. TheAudioDude
    I think it has to do with bone structure, too. That's actually one reason why you sound differently just talking normally and then listening to a recording of yourself.
    It's all in the 'materials'.  Everyone has teeth, but not all are shaped exactly the same.  Same with your tongue, cheeks, lips, etc.  All of this adds up and changes how sounds sound, and that's just some of the stuff in your mouth.  Think about how your throat, larynx, body weight, reverberation(s), height, etc. could affect the sounds you make, and how other people perceive them.
    I just had a mind-blowing thought... maybe we all sound exactly the same, but the only difference is how our brains perceive the sound... whoa. [​IMG]
  13. leeperry

    BW has the coolest voice ever, I often use "Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up" to test gear...it never disappoints.

    Clearly, BW wouldn't sound the same if he had been skinny :p
    And I've got the same voice on the phone as my dad and his brother.
  14. Kirosia


    Sorry. I just kept picturing as the Alien from Futurama after he ate the hippie and started trippin'. 
    I personally dislike my voice, but women seem to enjoy it. (It's low and raspy) 
  15. krmathis Contributor
    Because our larynx is not identical, and neither are our physical size.

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