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Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

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  1. RCBinTN
    I agree the regular "Jack Black" is marginal at best.  Much better is Jack Daniel's Single Barrel that is not blended.  It's more expensive, but better flavour in every way.
  2. Krutsch
    That's an insult to Coors Light. I've never seen anyone drink Jack any other way than "Jack & Coke".
    Yes, it's complete Schitt. [​IMG] 
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  3. havagr8da
    You are correct in that Jack is most likely just a mixer and most commonly with Coke. JD is a member of the trinity of spirits most commonly associated with the lets get f*$#ed uuuuup shot with a chaser crowd. This trinity is comprised of JD, Jose Cuervo, and Bacardi 151. Not precisely crafted to be enjoyed - rather meant to guarantee you are not going to remember much. Especially how nasty that booze was.
  4. havagr8da
    If you can get some a very enjoyable sipper would be Bushmills 10yr Single Malt. I think the 40% APV and distinct flavor with a very pleasant aroma will be a good starter. I am not sure if it has or will make it to your location but, Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey is like a Bushmills ++ at 47% APV.
  5. lewdogg
    Just found this thread... *SUBSCRIBED*
  6. RCBinTN
    Good, and welcome.  It's an interesting thread.
    Head-Fi has other threads related to hobbies outside the HP realm...check around, you will enjoy it. 
    Thx for the reputation on the Pappy.  Been saving it for a special occasion :).
  7. Gainastyle
    Went to Sweden, which is close by where i live in Norway, and got a bottle of Glenmorangie 12 year.
    And it is very good. Its the first whisky i can drink neat, no water at all. And its good!
    I was suggested to try a sherry casked whisky by Thebb, and this is one. 
    Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Thebb

    I'm assuming the Lasanta. Glad you liked it.
  9. Gainastyle
    That is correct.
    Its less tasty with a tiny splash of water, but easier on the throat and tongue. Its really interesting how much it changes from just a tiny amount of water.
    Whisky is so much more than what i thought it was. Too bad its quite the expensive drink. 
    I dont see myself drinking whisky to get drunk. Unless its the jack black combo.
    But i really enjoy having a tiny dram every now and then.
    Ive been noting down all my tastings, and its quite fun. I dont really know what im doing, but i think it will be fun in the future to read what ive written at the start of my whisky experience.
  10. doc0075579
    Just stumbled upon this thread! I have been drinking Weller 12 year, very good stuff.
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  11. addylo
    Another newcomer to this thread.  I'm a fan of small batch bourbons and have been trying different labels whenever I can.  I'm not a huge drinker but I do enjoy kicking back in the listening room with a few fingers of good bourbon at the end of the day.
    One of my recent favorites is Angel Envy.  Being finished in port barrels it's not everyone's cup of tea but I seem to favorite it.  Perhaps because I enjoy a good port.
  12. WilcoRoger
    During our first trip to Scotland, we bought a book called "The Single Malts of Scotland" - and decided to try as much of them as possible. The first dozen or so was easy, they're the ones you'd find in most bars and duty frees - Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie, Laphroaig, MacAllan, etc. The second dozen was already much harder to finish, while the third one required yearly trips to Scotland and to whisky bars in Tokyo (jeez, the stuff they have over there!)
    5 years on, we are still not even close to half-way through our mission. But the experiences!  5 different varieties of Auchatochan in the distillery, Talisker on a stormy evening on the Isle of Skye, Highland Park on Orkney, sipping Glen Rothes at the 18th hole of St Andrews...
    (and no - with all due respect to the Irish distillers, I don't drink Irish whiskey. And actively avoid bourbon)
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  13. RCBinTN
    The only time I've ever used this emoticon on Head-Fi....   [​IMG]
  14. PalJoey
    The late Iain Banks wrote a book called 'Raw Spirit', which I may have mentioned on this thread before. It is based around his trips around Scotland to visit as many distilleries as he practically could, but digresses into other antics too. Good fun, but also informative about whisky.
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  15. havagr8da
    Very Good stuff indeed. Wheated bourbons are Bufflalo Trace speciality even the Buffalo Trace is a great bourbon at a value price. Weller's 12 is a great bourbon.
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