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Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

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  1. OddE

    -I have just finished off a bottle of Hakushu 10yo - a lovely single malt, very slight smoky flavour, lots of heather and pine were my impression of it - it somehow reminded me of my local forests.

    I'd definitely buy again. (Think I paid $65 or so.)
  2. Wiljen
    I might have a bit of a Single malt whiskey collection.  I've been working on it for 30+ years now so some of these are now over 50 years old.
  3. Ancipital
    I normally enjoy very peaty, smokey astringent malts with lots of bite, but I'll make an exception for Abelour A'bunadh. 
    It is cask strength, with a consistency like cough medicine, and a smooth warm butterscotch character. It's completely delicious, and a bit of a gem at the price. Not everyone will enjoy how warm and soft it is- it's sort of the HD650 of single malt. However, make friends with it, and you'll be just as happy.
  4. Velomane
    Great description. Definitely a favourite of mine. The word "balanced" comes to mind when savouring this fine juice. An ounce will take me a half-hour to imbibe given it's concentration of flavours.
  5. jodgey4
    Just got some Highland Park 12yr on sale. Not particularly interesting, but the gentle smoke and smooth character make it a very approachable yet sophisticated drink.
  6. Wiljen
    I think of all of them I have tried, I favor the 16 year old Scapa the most.  Wonderful character and you would swear you can almost taste the salt air of the coast.
  7. shane55
    Just back from the happiest place on earth... no, not Disneyland.
    And we decided to have a wee tasting last night. Cracked a few of the ones we brought back. And for fun, tasted them along a couple of their elder cousins.

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  8. Vatnos
    My weapons of choice:
    12 year McCallan (Scotch) - Personal favorite. Never tried older batches, bit beyond my price range, but I can imagine them being even better. Scotch is one of those things that's either the nectar of the gods if it's good, or barely above peat-flavored paint-thinner if it's bad. McCallan falls in the former category. Smooth, savory, nutty, woody. A sophisticated but playful drink, pairs well with ANYTHING. If I had to pick its stylistic cousins I'd say prog rock and new wave.
    12 year Tullamore Dew reserve batch (Irish) - A close second. Ireland is a solemn little island. Post-rock, dark ambient, retrowave, electro-stuff.
    VSOP Ansac (Cognac) - Pairs with the same things I'd put wine with. Classical, jazz.
    Woodford Reserve (Bourbon) - Good old fashioned classic rock, or grunge, or post-hardcore.
    Bombay Sapphire (Gin) - This one's tough to place. I love me some gin... it tends to be more of a social drink though when I drink it. I'd pair it with random Youtube videos.
    Blavod (Vodka) - A black vodka, great for metal.
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  9. Planar_head
    Based on your recommendation, I bought some... definitely a very good scotch.
    As for other whiskeys I bought or tried...
    Suntory Toki
    Very interesting. I picked this up because it was inexpensive, and I've always wanted to try a Japanese whisky. I've had others taste it, and it is reminiscent of sake. It is smoky (not like sake) but not overwhelmingly so, though those who don't particularly like that won't find it very appealing. I guess it is like sake as it seems a touch "fruity" for lack of a better word.
    Highland Park 12 year
    Initially, I wasn't impressed by it, but it grew on me. I don't know if I will buy another.
    Buffalo Trace
    It's one of the only bottles I've bought twice... Most of the time, it is the right bourbon for the occasion.
    Cardhu 12 year
    Very appealing to me. I find it to be very easy drinking, with a mild flavor. I will pick up a bottle of this if I find it.
    ...anyway, once again I have to apologize for Head-fi to my wallet.
  10. RCBinTN
    Some great selections there.  I think Bombay Sapphire is a very interesting and engaging gin.  When time allows, y'all try out Hendrick's gin that has cucumber notes - very decent and different - and some cool drink recipes on line... 
    I don't do much Scotch whisky lately, but my favorite used to be Oban (until it went up to $85).  I believe it's 13-yrs old.  Exceptionally complex flavor.
    Lately, my go-to whiskeys have been Rowan's Creek ($35) - an excellent mid-level bourbon from Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD).  They have other interesting small-batch stuff.  Also, Jack Daniel's barrel-proof that goes for around $65 here in Tennessee and checks-in at 130 proof.  Much better and totally different than any blended Jack Daniel's products, IMO.  Try it - you won't be disappointed!
    For other bourbons, you can't go wrong with the Woodford Reserve or Buffalo Trace, already noted above.
    For high-end, my wonderful wife just snagged a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 20-yr (2016 release).  That is my Christmas gift (I already have headphones).  The retail price, according to the site, is supposed to be $150, she paid $190.  The supply is super-low.  Prices on resale sites are around $1,200 - that's the consequence of the low supply.  However, I don't purchase bourbon for resale - it is solely for personal enjoyment!  Should be super sublime - will post impressions in a month or so...
    Cheers All,
  11. RCBinTN
    Here's a pic of the best (by far) Cachaca that I've ever had.  Straight out of Sao Paulo by a friend.  I don't know if this brand is available outside of Brazil.  Makes a super sublime caipirinha.  Enjoy!!
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  12. MiLeX
    Hmm, my personal favorite is Jameson Irish Whisky, especially the "Crested 10", its sooo good. 
    Some may want to hit me, but I am also a fan of mixing Whisky.
    Here is my favorite mix and Whisky in one picture!
  13. jodgey4
    Just got to try a nice scotch, Port Ellen 1982 Parker Whisky "Pert Melon", 25yr at 56.8%. Wowza! What a treat :).
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  14. RCBinTN
    My lovely bride of 20+ years informed me of an incoming Christmas gift.  The 20-yr Pappy Van Winkle 2016.  May be the most sublime bourbon on the planet...check out the reviews.  This bourbon is not easily found, or acquired.  Will post tasting impressions when she lets me open it.  LOL.
    Cheers to All,
  15. BlendedTwice
    I can't drink anymore... but i seen some Lagavulin in here, and that most recent Van Winkle! Boy, you're a lucky chap!
    I always found a VERY interesting taste test was a dram Balvenie double cask followed by a taste of Makers Mark was heavenly. The scotch brought out the most intense flavors of the bourbons own casket past.
    Enjoi gents (and ladies).
    Won't be coming back to this thread any time soon. :D
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