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which Tube Amp for HE-400, HE-500, HD700 and Audeze LCD-2 ?

  1. tiesto141141
    Hello all !
    As i plan to buy the Hifiman HE 400 in a few days and possibly one of the 3 others later, i'd like to invest in a desktop AMP (that also can be used as a pre-amp and be plugged USB on my mac) that could drive all of these headphones, but a very good one for Maximum 400$ (i know it's not much to have a very good amp...).
    So what tube amp (i love tubes) would you recommend me that is allround for these headphones and would drive them perfectly for this budget ? I first thought about the Little Dot MKIII or MKIVSE, but they are quit not recent (year 2007-2008) and i'm thinking that a more recent one would be better ?
    Anyway, if for the same price i can get a non tube amp that is better sounding, i can forget about the tubes...
    Thanks a lot.

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