What's your favorite headphone? If you could only have one.
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Sep 21, 2020
Just curious what you favorite headphone is. If you could only have one headphone which would you choose?
For me I would have to say HD600. Although it is not technically the best headphone it just has this magic about it that makes music sound so clean and sparkly. For reference I either own or have owned the following headphones.

AKG K361
AKG K371
Bose QC35
Bose QC35 ii
Sony WH-1000XM2
Sony WH-1000XM3
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Of everything I've heard/owned? Campfire Andromeda. Amazing sound, I can sleep with them in, I can listen to them anywhere, they're amazingly easy to drive (too easy... thus all the 3rd-party resistor cables), and as I live and die for details and separation, they kick that in the butt with a steel-toed boot.

EDIT: Bugger this is the full-size headphones forum. Of my over-ears, I'll pick my E-MU Teaks.
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Meze Empyrean

Doesn't get closer to perfection, than those right now.
Non fatiguing sound signature, full bodied with sweet mids.
You can just sink into the music.

On top they have the best comfort and build quality I've ever seen at any price
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Amongst the headphones within my collection, and across everything that I have tried so far, the headphone that comes closest to perfection would be the Denon AH-D9200. It's my personal favorite.
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HD650. And this is from someone that owns Utopia, Clear, Elex, Stax 007 and L700 in various vintages, and a ton of other stuff besides. HD650 sees 90% of the head time and is ideal for daily listening.

If I had to take a second headphone, I'm actually not sure, The Utopia, SR-007, and L700 all make a pretty good case for themselves. But they wouldn't see the majority of head time as long as HD650 was around. However there are times when 650's technicalities aren't enough and you want something better, so it's good to have variety.
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My Phi TC, I suppose. Really I think you'd be after an easy to drive closed if there can be only one, for maximum utility.
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Audio Zenith PMx2 rev 2.0 -> HD600 on steroids!
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If you have to believe Head-fi, it is the Apple Airpods Max. It is better than the HD 800S while having bluetooth, ANC and a price tag of only $550.
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HD600 for me too, especially with my Little Dot Mk iii amp.

I recently ordered the HD6XX, so we'll see if one surpasses the other for me.
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