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Whats Your EQ Settings For Your Grado SR60i's

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by digitalfreak, Jun 26, 2011.
  1. DigitalFreak
    The title is pretty self explanatory. Thought I'd throw this up to see if there's a consensus amongst the EQing crowd on Grado SR60i cans. Mines pretty straight forward, I'm flat across the board with just a smidgen of pre amp added for extra oomph. [​IMG] For whatever reason I like to EQ my Sony XB700 and 500's but I find I prefer flat EQ on my Grado. Don't ask me why I just do.
  2. Cheeznuklz
    I have 6 holes punched to add a little bass, along with dampening and removing the rear screen.  Nothing other than that though.  IMHO you're paying for the color in the Grado, why hide it?
  3. tattoou2
    I've found that, for me, flat is best when using Grado.

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