What is your favorite video game?
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Anal Is Dead (Online)
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Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (N64)

Counter-Strike 1.5/1.6 (PC)

Perfect Dark (N64)

Animal Crossing (Gamecube)

WarCraft III (PC)

Anarchy Online (PC)

World of Warcraft (Vanilla)(PC)

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I started playing Animal Crossing just a week ago, and I love that game. I always though that it's not for me, but it's amazing.
Also, I like Outlast, Resident Evil, and GTA 5 (still play pretty often)
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GTA 5 (still play pretty often)

I know GTA5 is a classic all time game. I got it for free. Decided to play the main story. I made it like 35% of the way through the game and just burned out. I got so sick of driving from mission to mission. I wish you could just play out the story without having to drive around.

Heard GTA5 Online is amazing. I guess they delated GTA6 by years and put the whole team to work on expanding GTA5 Online. I logged in and made an account but didn't really no what to do next. On my backlog.
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I can't possibly pick just one game, but here are some all time favorites:

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (Super and Gates to Infinity are also amazing)
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy IV
Ori and the Blind Forest (and the sequel, Will Of the Wisps)
Forza Horizon 3, 4, and 5
Super Smash Bros. Series
Halo (1-3)
Undertale + Deltarune
Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald

One thing these games all have in common, the soundtracks are fantastic. My personal favorite soundtracks from this list are Chrono Trigger, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Ori, and Undertale/Deltarune.
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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is amazing. Still not finished but the harmony between Soundtrack and Story is breathtaking.

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