What is your favorite video game?
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The games that got the most playing time over the years and/or impressed me the most:

Shenmue I & II
F-Zero X 60hz jap. Version
Goldeneye with n64 controller
Super Mario 64
SSX Tricky
Life is Strange I & II
The Walking Dead Tell Tale Series
Grandia II
Counterstrike: Source
Samba de Amigo with original maracas
Deluxe Galaga on Amiga 500
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My all-time favorite single-player games are Assassins Creed Revelations and Far Cry 3. Revelations was a perfect ending to Ezio's Assassin's Creed and the ones that came after it weren't as good. Far Cry 3 is cool because it has Vaas who is one of the best antagonists ever. The only cool Far Cry after 3 was Primal, others were just trying to copy the third. I also play multiplayer games. The one I have the most hours on is Satisfactory. I wouldn't recommend anyone to play it with people you don't know because you won't make any progress. I've quit playing the game a few times because of that. Now I rent a server from supercraft.host where I control everything. The server I have is only $6 and it's worth it. I also play Fortnite from time to time but without building. I never won when the game has building because I don't even know what's happening half of the time.
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