What is the best recorded cd(SQ) you've heard?
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Pretty much any classical CD recorded by a major label from 1990~'95 to present will sound really great.

With other music the same probably applies, but I've heard that classical sound engineers are generally better.
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Several Tom Waits albums (Mule Variations and, for example).
Beastie Boys: Ill Communication
Chopin: Ballades / Zimerman (DG)
Orchestral music by Berg, Webern & Schönberg / Rattle (EMI)
Bach's Trio Sonatas (Koopman on Archiv label, he has several recordings on various labels)
Pelleas & Melisande / Abbado (DG)
Ravel's L'enfant et les sortileges / Maazel (DG Originals; incredible recording considering its age)
Geri Allen's In the Year of the Dragon.
Steely Dan's 'Two Against Nature' is a very good sounding album despite of some heavy compression and limiting.
Gabriel's fourth album ('Security'?)
Guillaume Machaut's Messe de Nostre Dame / Perez (on Harmonia Mundi)

And many others, of course.


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Probably been said but

- Dire Straits Brother in Arms - Remastered

Probably owned 5 copies of this that have be ruined over the years

Just bought the remastered ver on Yourmusic for $5.99 delivered.

Sounds Great as did the original.
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Originally Posted by Ampersand /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I hope the 'rock circles' know the bands name is Def Leppard, not Dep Lepard. Sorry, i couldn't resist.

I know I know my fault hey at least I got MUTTS name right
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Originally Posted by sonic32 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Ray Lamontagne-Till The Sun Turns Black. Superb!


What an amazing artist / talent.

After listening to some of his tracks on Rhapsody, I am going to get both his albums!

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If you really want to get blown away with the power of a brass section...try Blood Sweat and Tears..Self titled album or Greatest Hits.

Nirvana Unplugged is also on my favorite recorded CD list as is Donald Fagan Kamikirad.
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I think the following are probably the best-sounding discs I have ever heard:

Steely Dan
- Two Against Nature DVD-A
- Gaucho DVD-A

Donald Fagen
- The Nightfly DVD-A
- Kamikiriad DVD-A
- Morph the Cat DVD-A

Alison Krause & Union Station Live SACD

Dire Straits
- Brothers in Arms SACD

Alan Parsons Project
- Turn of a Friendly Card HDAD
- Eye in the Sky HDAD

Miles Davis
- Kind of Blue SACD

Pat Coil
- Just Ahead CD

These all get heavy rotation in my system.
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Here are a few of my favorites for the good'ol equipment testing..in no particular order

Peter Gabriel - Up (SACD)

Even the CD layer of this disc sounds incredible....great recording, and really cool phase effects on "Growing Up" On a good stereo system, that track can really produce a truly enveloping sound...almost makes you feel like you are listening to the 5.1 version of the album.

Pink Floyd - DSOTM (SACD and mofi vinyl)

DSOTM - Do I really have to explain why?

Fleetwood Mac - Rumors

See the description for DSOTM....

Most Steely Dan stuff - if you like excellent recorded yet soul-less music

KD Lang - Ingénue

"Save Me" - Absolutely one of my favorite recordings

Yo-Yo Ma - Obrigado Brazil Live in Concert

Great sounding live CD - The female singer on the second track is amazing

Bjork - Vespertine (DVD-Audio)

You don't have to be a Bjork fan to love the recording quality of this disc....plus this album is just gorgeous sounding in general with her mix of electronic and "real" instruments

Now for some other discs that would probably not get mentioned

Squarepusher - Ultravisitor

Amazing sounds on this live CD - If you can get past the crazy electronic music

Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk

If you like Tori, this is probably her best mixed CD....the older stuff of hers are great but very raw sounding compared to this disc. I also like "The Beekeeper", but I think they hyped the low frequencies way to much in the mix.

Front 242 - Pulse

THIS CD IS AMAZING!!!!! The song "NoMore-NoMore" has this one effect on it that will absolutley blow you away. If you like electronic music....this is a must have.

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine

Great recording - The title track is a standout with Fiona's voice sounding so natural mixed with the minimal instrumentation.

Jewel - Pieces of You

I'm a sucker for minimalist production, singer-songwriter albums, and this one stands out by just sounding so naked

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - E 1999 Eternal

For hip hop records, it doesn't get much better than this......

Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust

This album is just has a great sounding mix...nothing really stands out, so I guess that is probably the best compliment I can give it.
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Originally Posted by gmckay /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Nirvana Unplugged is also on my favorite recorded CD list

came here to post that. i'm actually listening to that right now.
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Originally Posted by SurroundGeek /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Midnight Oil - Diesel and Dust

This album is just has a great sounding mix...nothing really stands out, so I guess that is probably the best compliment I can give it.

i love this album too. there must be low compression because i can really hear each instrument, even when mo is rocking and playing those all-instrument power chords they do.
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My gear isn't all that great, but my ears tell me these are the best sounding albums that I currently own.

Mezzanine - Massive Attack
Us - Peter Gabriel
Outside - David Bowie
Pork Soda - Primus
Ænima and Lateralus - Tool
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When I get new equipment and want to check the sound quailty there are a coulpe of cd's I always listen to first becauce of there great sound.
Clapton- unplugged
Happy Anniversary Charlie Brown - Jazz Hits
In the digital mood- Glen Miller Orch.
Pink Floyd- DSTM-WYWH
Fleetwood Mac- The dance
Steely Dan- A decade of Steely Dan
Dire Straits- BIA
Beatles- Love is getting close to making the list
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My suggestions

Supernatural - Santana
Lamb - Lamb
Woodface - Crowded House
Lateralus - Tool
Ultra - Depeche Mode

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