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What do you use to shave?

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  1. BowerR64
    I use the MS2 370 titanium

    What i like about this model is the trimmer extends level with the shaving blades so if i go a few days i pop up the trimmer and it hits the tall parts first then gets closer with the shaver blades. Its handy and a few times ive used it on the road when i was running late. I think this model was around $50. They last me about a year, i ask for a new one every christmas. It gives my brother and sister somthing to get me every year. Seems around december they start to sound like a tree mulcher [​IMG]

    The "manual" razors feel like they are shaving a layer of my face off.
  2. Audio Redneck
    In order of preferance:

    -Edge Mach 3
    -Bic disposable
    -Norelco electric
    -Electric Shears for that "3 days growth" look or if its time to take off the beard

    To all the young'ins out there: learn to shave with a) no water and b) cold water and you'll always be able to shave anywhere.
  3. null
    I can't believe they have these new Shick Quattros out. I mean, c'mon, FOUR blades!? Three was too much, but four? How many darn blades do you need? It's all a gimmick.
  4. Wmcmanus
    I've recently picked up one of the new Remington Titanium SmartSystems. It's expensive but provides the best shave I've ever had with no burning of the skin (available at WalMart for $117). I'm not sure how the self cleaning mechanism works, but will try it soon.

  5. MuZI
    I started shaving at like 14 or 15...( althought i had hair on my upper lip since like 7).
    i used to use a Brick, weedwacker.....nvm...but seriously...

    I used to use one of those Norelco electric ones but their a pain after a while, esp blade replacements. So i switched to razor disp a few months ago, besides the razor burn, it`s better.
  6. GlowWorm
    I use an older Remington Micro Screen (discontinued). [​IMG] It is the only electric shaver I've ever used that actually works for this "barbed-wire" beard of mine. [​IMG] I've stocked up on these (4, plus 12 replacement heads/cutters) so I should be good for the next 10 years or so. [​IMG]
  7. KR... Contributor
    I just switch to some new blades, check them out:


    They fit your old Sensor handles and they are cheaper and better than Mach3 IMHO. They also last longer and are easier to use. Try them and you see for yourself.

    Here is the new handle:



    Three self-adjusting blades automatically adjusts to every curve of your face
    Advanced lubricating strip keeps Sensor3 gliding easily over your skin
    Soft, protective microfins gently set up your beard so the blades can comfortably shave you closer
  8. D-EJ915
    I had the Mach3 originally (after disposables) then I got my Schick Quattro...then I got an electric, which is slow and takes forever and so I still use the schick..anyway, here's my equipment, lol:

  9. roadtonowhere08
    I use a Mach 3 Turbo. I find that I cut myself a few times with cream, but never with warm water. I cannot "feel" the razor very well with all that cream, thus I have less control over the blade's direction. Of course, I am not looking at my face when I shave, I am going by feel only so what do I know? [​IMG]
  10. 00940
    I'm using those disposables by Wilkinson. Comfortable and durable blades compared to the bic and gilette I tried.
  11. Head Creep
    I'm using a Schick Quatro (first one for me), and it works great. Only cut myself once, and that was because I was trying to rush out the door and get to school on time. Don't really use it much though, since I've fallen into a pattern of getting sick of being clean-shaven, growing out a mustache, getting sick of it, shaving it off, and repeating. Slightly insane, I know...
  12. MuZI
    I`m supposed to shave daily but i just can`t do it, so i shave monthly,lol.

    ALso my body wash says it can be used as shaving cream? Anyone every try that?
  13. skitlets
    I'm allergic to shaving cream....it's far too harsh for my sensitive skin. Water and any cheap razor I see around. (my own, that is.)
  14. MuZI

    Originally Posted by skitlets
    I'm allergic to shaving cream....it's far too harsh for my sensitive skin. Water and any cheap razor I see around. (my own, that is.)

    AWWWWW, poor baby. Leme guess, you use the venus shaver.. [​IMG]
  15. remilard

    Originally Posted by enzoferrari650
    i remeber reading something about that.... that it doesnt grow thicker but it just seems that way because the razor cuts the hair at an angle making it seem thicker.

    Hair naturally grows angled at the tip which makes it more flexible and softer. When you shave, it grows back with a straight tip, so spot on there. The illusion of shaving causing you to have more facial hair over time is due to the fact that you are an adolescent and will be growing more facial hair over time whether or not you shave. So yeah, shaving has zero effect on your quantity of facial hair or its relative thickness.

    As for electric, never used one but I work at a place that sells them and I understand that:

    1. you get what you pay for
    2. the Norelco type give a closer shave, the braun/remington foil type are more comforatable.
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