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Nov 6, 2002
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Jesuit Refugees Service

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    Jesuit Refugees Service
    Headphone Inventory:
    Currently used: Sennheiser HD650, AKG K340, Sennheiser PX200

    Owned and sold/given: Philips HP890, Grado SR60 and SR225, Koss Porta Pro, Sennheiser mx500, HD497, HD540 and HD580, AKG K401 and K501, Ultrasone HFI-650, Sony MDR-V6 and MDR-F1, Audio Technica ATH-M30 and ATH-W10Vtg, Beyerdynamic DT331
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Currently used: µ-follower diy tube amp, diy Gilmore Dynalo

    Owned and sold: Headroom Airhead 1st gen, diy Pimeta, diy tube amp based on a RKV kit, various diy amps.
    Source Inventory:
    Currently used : diy usb dac (pcm1798 based)

    Owned and given: modded philips cd753, modded Philips cd723 (NOS, rbroer's discrete I/V), diy PCM2702 USB DAC
    Cable Inventory:
    DIY interconnects
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Given away: diy power amp (Symasym), diy speakers (Vifa PW17j in transmission line), HK A401 power amp, speakers Wharfedale 8.1
    Music Preferences:
    Opera (pre-1800), baroque music, "classic" rock
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