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What do you think about eggnog?

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  1. gsferrari Contributor
    Tried it for the first time in my life today...I sort of prefer it at room temperature and it tastes like liquid MilkyBar (Nestle).

    A bit too sweet...time to break out the alcohol [​IMG]

    Too bad my palms get itchy if I drink alcohol....
  2. mbriant

    I sort of prefer it at room temperature

    mmmmmm. Warm milk and raw egg. Can't get any better than that. [​IMG]
  3. tennisets

    Originally Posted by pne
    i enjoy it as well, but never thought to put alcohol into it.. [​IMG]

    Technically, eggnog is supposed to have alcohol in it, usually brandy but some prefer rum (tastes sweeter). A lot of people like it without any booze though.


    Originally Posted by john_jcb
    The stuff from a store in the carton I cannot stand. Homemade on the other hand is a different story. It tastes nothing like the mass produced glop they call eggnog.

    You're right on with that one. What they call eggnog in the supermarket is most definitely not eggnog. Anyone who likes the stuff in a carton should get their hands on an eggnog recipe and make some at home; there's really no comparison. It's easy to make, and it's also best with heavy cream, not milk. I won't drink storebought eggnog, only homemade.
  4. JT107
    i love egg nog, but can't drink it anymore(I'm diabetic).My sister made some
    forme this year with egg beaters and splenda. Wow! i reccomend it to those
    who are turned off by the raw egg thing.
  5. coolbluewater
    Loved it as a kid; can't tolerate it as an adult.
  6. HeadphoneMafia
    I love eggnog.

    Once I start I can't stop though.. [​IMG]
  7. TheReds
    if anyone didnt catch my thread........ROOTNOG

    1/3 Root beer (virgils is good stuff)
    2/3 Egg nogg

    I love nogg by the way

  8. Jam_Master_J
    Not a big fan of egg nog[​IMG]
  9. discord
    I managed to try eggnog for the first time a week ago. I thought it was too sweeet. I didn't like it too much.
  10. Mr.PD Contributor

    Originally Posted by Mr.PD
    I like eggnog okay. It's one of those things that I start to drink it and can't stop until the glass is empty. I haven't had any in years.

    After making this post last month, I purchased some Safeway brand "lite" eggnogg. Only one quart. I noticed the other day, that the wife finally poured out the 1/2 quart that was left.

    I'm not going to try that again.[​IMG]
  11. Wmcmanus
    Eggnog? Go! Here's everything I think about eggnog, which is not much. It makes me think about Christmas, and I know that it's really bad for me calorie-wise so I try not to think about it at any other times. In general, I like most of the eggnogs I've tried, and it seems like I end up with a half a glass at least once during the Christmas season. This year's sample, however, was exceptionally bad. It was a cheap commerical blend of some sort, but perhaps I've been spoiled by homemade brews over the years and thus had higher expectations than were delivered on this round. I've never blended it with any alcohol but I'm told by those who have that it mixes well with rum. I'll have to try that next year, and hopefully it will be a better brand of the nog.
  12. Spareribs
    Eggnog is a very interesting drink. Yes it can be fattening but traditionally it’s consumed in small portions and back in the old days, most people were skinny.

    Theres lots of mediocre and bad eggnog out there but I’ve tasted a fantastic version a few years ago at a Christmas party.

    I just saw some YouTube videos on how to make eggnog and it makes me want to experiment, especially since I do own a cocktail shaker.

    Another thing is that I believe eggnog does not have to be just a Christmas thing. The ingredients are available year round so in theory it can be consumed even in the summer and it is a cold drink so why not?
  13. jsmiller58
    I mix 50% eggnog and 50% whipped cream, blend, and add cinnamon.

    Since the whipped cream I use is lower calorie than the eggnog, that makes it a diet friendly choice. Right? RIGHT???
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
  14. Spareribs
    I haven’t tried this version but it looks good.

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