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What do you think about eggnog?

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  1. kramer5150
    I LOVE the stuff. I dilute it a little with skim milk.
    It makes my wife barf though. My son doesn't like it either.

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  2. Homeless
    I don't care for it at all...
  3. MintGreenGoblin
    Best stuff on the planet.
  4. Shizelbs
    Next to beer, best drink on the planet. Its a shame its sooo fatty though.
  5. fureshi
    blah...never was able to enjoy it. [​IMG] kinda funny though, my family buys it every year and it goes unopened until it spoils.
  6. blip
    Not really a fan. It has its place... Namely drunken Christmas party, but beyond that I don't really get it.
  7. mbriant
    I like the taste of it, but I hate the thought of it. Raw egg and milk doesn't do much for me.
  8. Born2bwire
    Mmmmm... nectar of the Gods... need to grab some nutmeg for it too.
  9. Firam Contributor
    I guess you either love it or hate it. I personally love it, maybe partly due to being 18 and not able to drink, I don't have many beverage choices out side of pop.
  10. ken36 Contributor
    I too love egg nog. Used to dilute it with lots of rum. [​IMG]
  11. jefemeister
    I've never liked it either.
  12. zotjen Contributor
    I love Eggnog, especially with some Creme de Cacao added.
  13. MrEcted1
    I like it.
  14. boodi
    it is gorgeous , also because you can add cremes on top and alcohol on bottom , and it remains very eggnog ..
    anyhow I'm used to do a light variant of it , since I like to have it more then seldom .
  15. shawntp
    We only drink it around the holidays ...my wife loves it then.

    Here is the best way we have found to smooth it into a nice drink:

    1/2 Eggnog [​IMG]
    1/2 Milk [​IMG]
    1 Shot Kaluha [​IMG]
    1 Shot Brandy [​IMG]
    Dash of nutmeg on the top

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