What did I just buy? 6DJ8/6AS7 Headphone amp on ebay...
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I just reported the item too, explaining in the short number of allowed characters that I just returned the item due to it's dangerous nature, not because I "burned my hand on the tube".
What I piece of work.
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I've been following your "adventure" from the beginning, and it's hard to believe that this guy may still sell his product. Just by the language he's using, I can't see anyone wanting to do business with him. Obviously, the way he writes English tends to show it's not his mother tongue. I am a francophone, and I'd be shy to write like this.....If you don't know....ask !!!!!
Anyway, not only I am glad you recovered your money, but also that you let the community here know about him....
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Simply amazing. I hope this guy loses his ebay account. I edited the F words


[size=22pt][size=20pt]"And, its relist item, one screw**g guy bought my item and he touch the tube and burn his hand, and leavel a negative to me. its screw**g kidding, any body know the tube was screw**g hot, and the 6AS7 power tube was 3A hi current on the filament, it must hot, so, I will warning any one if new for tube amplifier, don't touch the tube."[/size][/size]

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He wants an "honest buyer only" ? LOL !!!
He should slap a "Made in Afghanistan" label on the back.

PS: I also reported this item as dangerous.
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Peete, that's funny! I might save this guy in my favorite seller's list just to have a laugh every once in a while. lol!
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This has been a fascinating saga to take in over the past 15 minutes. as the victim of ebay fraud in the past i can relate and would love to see this piece of work thrown off the site. will be filing a complaint myself for the use of such language has affronted my delicate sensibilities. And i love that this story has a happy ending. cheers boys!!!
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That auction is the only thing today that has made me laugh.
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I love the statement in the auction
"comes from smoke free home of an avid audio enthusiast"
I wonder if he can assure potential purchasers that their homes will continue to be smoke free if they buy the amp? - Based on this thread I doubt it somehow!!
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The wiring does look a bit better, but the whole package still looks very amateurish.  The woodwork is horrible. 

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