1. adhoc

    The 6SN7 Identification Guide

    0. Introduction & preamble FEEL FREE TO POST REPLIES TO THIS THREAD!!! Found a mistake? Have a suggestion? Got photos you want to share? Send them all to the following email address: 6sn7gt-at-gmail-dot-com (just replace ‘-at-‘ and ‘-dot-‘ with ‘@’ and ‘.’ respectively. DIE, SPAM...
  2. diablo9

    How long is the life span of tube amp?

    I know that SS amp probably can last for decades or longer. But tube amps are depending on the life of tubes, if those are discontinued, it's very impossible to fix it. And tubes are basically like light bulbs, so how long can they last???
  3. prot

    E100, a pretty tube headphone amplifier from china (6080, ecc88, single ended)

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281345614556 Looks very good and the internals seem clean and well organized too. Plus, the price is *very* good. Did anyone test this device?
  4. hypnos1

    Feliks-Audio ELISE...(previously 6SN7 + 6AS7G/6080 prototype)

    Edit...the amp has been named the 'Elise', and I am indexing the more relevant posts at the end of this one for those who may not have the time to plough through them all at first (although there are a good few other interesting contributions that you may want to browse at your leisure!)...
  5. aldovan

    Deep bass 6AS7 tube

    Friends   This is my first first participation in this noble group. I built an amp with a poor GE 6080 metal base in single ended parallel mode and to my surprise it played as well as my amp with the 2A3C. But I like a lot of bass and want to find a 6SA7 or equivalent with more bass...
  6. ghoniba

    Tubes? What Tubes?

    Hi Guys:   I have on order a La Figaro 336C headphone amplifier and was hoping some of you might be able to tell me what tube options I have for this little amplifier and what difference changing the tubes might have on the sound based on your experience? If nothing else I probably should...
  7. gatorjon

    OTL Amp and Headphone impedance matching question

    From reading other posts I have learned that it is generally recommended to not use low impedance headphones with Class A otl amps. My question is: Is there a general "rule" about how low is too low in terms of impedance? In other words, is there a lowest recommended impedance for use with those...
  8. J&J

    Amps that use 6dj8 tubes

    I have a  Schiit LYR and a dozen pair of 6dj8 type tubes that I roll but just wondering rather then selling off tubes are there other tube Amps that use this category 6dj8/6922 tubes btw my favorite tubes for this amp so far are a pair of Russian 6n23p rocket branded tubes Thanks John NYC
  9. Blaalad12

    Will a tube improve the sound even further?

    Hey guys, I have ordered a pair of he500s which should be here this friday and i will be pairing with an aune t1 so hopefully it will be a good pairing as id rather not have to purchase a new amp/dac!!    Anyways, I am contemplating investing in a decent tube to replace the stock tube but...
  10. elmoe

    are 6CA7 tubes compatible with 6SN7 sockets?

    Just a quick question about 6CA7 tubes as I've come across a great deal for a pair of 6CA7 Psvane TII Mk II that I would like to use on my MPX3 (6sn7 sockets).
  11. levlhed

    What did I just buy? 6DJ8/6AS7 Headphone amp on ebay...

    I made this guy a Best Offer which got accepted, wasn't expecting that.  But I got a good price (I think). I got him to send me a schematic while I wait for delivery... http://www.levlhed.com/6DJ86AS7amp.pdf The ad claims "uses hi-ended Audio Cap's, Germany Audiophile Cap's, Hi-end...
  12. David Yee 6DJ8/6AS7 Headphone Amp

    David Yee 6DJ8/6AS7 Headphone Amp

    uses hi-ended Audio Cap's, Germany Audiophile Cap's, Hi-end Tomiko's Power transformer, and Germany RAC Gold Jack. All assembled by hand.