What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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It's a really good album that grows on you after hearing it a few times. If you want to get an idea of where she's coming from with that album check the > link :wink:

If you want to know what's she's about check this video interview...

That’s a great interview. I think Beato is in love!😎
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A wonderful 2015 album by John McLaughlin, I hope he’s due for another!
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Rotel CD Player > Pontus DAC > Artemis HPA > HD800S ...


No less than 3 years ago, I was still calling Bitches Brew "acid music for headbangers and trippers" as it was an album I simply couldn't get into, despite having it for over 15 years. Now, I think it's one of the greatest albums I've ever heard of all time. It was one of those "oh, wow" moments once I finally listened to it; and now I simply can't stop playing it. And why it's my clear number one Miles Davis album of all time. Period. Truth be told, I wasn't even really a Miles Davis fan. Now I have 40 of his albums (CDs).

I just love how the pieces are composed and the way the band comes together the create the masterpiece that is Bitches Brew. Its literally one of those albums that once you put on, you can't stop listening to until the last track has played. And then you find yourself wanting to hear it again. Absolutely love this album.

And again, from someone who hated the album and couldn't get past the first 5 minutes before pulling it from the CD player and tossing it aside. Silly me.
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A wonderful 2015 album by John McLaughlin, I hope he’s due for another!
Giving this a listen in Spotify now. Don't have any John McLaughlin on his own, mostly with Al Di Meola, and of course Miles Davis.

Really liking Here Come the Jiis. Also feeling Clap Your Hand. The recording sounds strong on this album, even hearing it on my standard Spotify account. I'm on track 3 - Being You Being Me, and I'm still feeling this album. Definitely looks like something I need to add to my collection.

Thanks for posting it :thumbsup:
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Ali Akbar Khan - Indian Architexture
What a pity that countless of his and other Indian, Pakistani and Afghani maestros' stellar performances from back in the day haven't been recorded at all or barely survived on some lousy cassette tapes before they finally have been converted to digital formats (and then many of them only to 128kbit mp3).


@sygnus21 ... more lady bass - Kim Clarke killing it on this one ... (bought the vinyl when I was 16 years old 🤪)


Right now ...

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These guys are both very good in their own right,but they mesh so well together,like it was just meant to be.

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I was up til 4:00am listening repeatedly to the "Dead's Mar's Hotel, Angel Share"2024
- having my mind blown by the sound quality and beauty of these remasters/remixes. Simply by far the best I've ever heard The Dead, a band I've seen live more than any other.
Here, even Donna's voice is properly modulated and mixed to perfection. A major pet peeve of many live shows was being aurally assaulted consistently by Donna's singing or actually screaming ruining the vibe rather than adding anything positive. :rolling_eyes: Not so here :thumbsup:
I highly recommend streaming this album - I utilize Qobuz and I would suggest signing up for a free trial for this Album alone although I'm sure the other major streaming services have to have this recently released Album. OMG Good!

BTW, I won't repost the YouTube version of this album, while it is fairly good for getting an idea of our music, much better than I remember YouTube music video's sounding back in 2007 for instance.

YouTube cannot be compared only contrasted with streaming services, using the same end point gear here. IME&O.
Also, on my system streaming Qobuz Sound Quality is indistinguishable from CD's eg. The Beatles Red & Blue remasters. JFY Information :thumbsup:

1971/2022 (Life House Remaster & Remixes) 10 Discs, 9:48 hours
Welp - There goes a day well spent :sunglasses:
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