What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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Weekend vibes already

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I dunno about trippin' out - from what I understand, Donna was more into drink than more illicit drugs. I may be misremembering, but when they went on tour, she's apparently the one who did the wild and crazy rock star on tour stuff with smashing up hotel rooms and such.... But the rest of the band was likely trippin' out and figured just let her go with it; they probably couldn't hear it as well through the monitors as we could through the PA!
During one of the euro tours she has said that she took 11 hits and Spent time underneath the piano which her husband Keith was playing. This was during a live show......
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Pillow Queens

Cloud Nothings


A Certain Ratio

Lucy Rose

Fine recording of some C.P. E. Bach
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Alice Coltrane - The Carnegie Hall Concert


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Pearl Jam - Dark Matter
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Going all the way back to 1981 for this one.

Thank you to the late Ken Kobold for saving this history and these performances for us to remember so many years later that would have otherwise been lost forever.


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'Acid music for headbangers and trippers'? That's a great description that applies to me, and exactly why I like this era of Miles Davis and not much else when it comes to 'jazz' - Miles just called it 'music', and damned fine music it is.
For the record, I never needed anything to enjoy music. I simply enjoyed it. And for me, I miss the 70s Music wise.

And I wasn't "judging" it was just my way of describing how out of the world I thought the album was. And BTW, I certainly had my fun bad in the day so no pot calling the kettle black :sunglasses:

Anyway, I still kind of still feel that way towards Live Evil, even though I've listened to it a few times, including now...

Mile Davis Live Evil.jpg

I still think it's all over the place 🤷‍♂️

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