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I just finished listening to Before the Dawn, and it's jazz fusion to me. And pretty good!

Yes, both are damn good. And both are her jazz side before she went total funk / R&B. That however (for me) doesn't take away that I think Prelusion is jazzier than Before the Dawn. Before the Dawn is funkier, especially when you hear Kickin Back, and What's The Story, which are far different than anything else on either album.

Nonetheless, we agree both are good albums, so... :thumbsup:
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United Future Organization (UFO) - United Future Organization (Talkin' Loud, 1994). UFO is a Japanese nu-jazz trio made up of Japanese-born Tadashi Yabe, Toshio Matsuura, and Frenchman Raphael Sebbag. This is their first album. I've their first 5 releases. This is a great album as is all their releases. If you're an acid jazz / electro jazz fan, I highly recommend this one (as well as their other releases :thumbsup:)

United Future Organization.jpg

The Sixth Sense...

Poetry And All That Jazz...

My Foolish Heart...
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Great Electronica :heart:
Destination Unknown rocks (skip back 2 tracks)
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