What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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My focus today is the drumming of Roy Haynes.

Chick Corea - Trio Music Live in Europe.png
Pat Metheny - Question and Answer.png
Chick Corea - Like Minds.png

From 1984, 1989 and 1998. HD800 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> :)

The live "Trio Music" is a wonderful album, my favorite of the three, but I couldn't
find any examples on YouTube. It is worth a listen, and there is a studio version
also out there. The combo of Chick, Miroslav and Roy Haynes is just magical.
Happy listening, all.
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Yes...2008 remaster :relaxed:

" Yours is no disgrace " spoke to me in 1971 - Silly human race ~

Song Meaning(s)
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Love Hubbard! And that's a great one. :thumbsup:

Yes...2008 remaster :relaxed:

" Yours is no disgrace " spoke to me in 1971 - Silly human race ~

One of my favorite Yes albums. :L3000:

Almost at the month mark out of surgery, so I'm finally getting some of the requisite energy needed for more complex/"weird" music. So I'm going to start listening to/posting some of my favorite jazz albums (especially 70's material and soul/funk jazz as that's what I've been concentrating on in recent months) along with my more rock/pop/metal favorites.

I like the vibes, and Hutcherson was a master of them.




MFSL vinyl ripped to FLAC --- sounds fantastic!
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the carpenters.png
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One of my most listened to albums in recent years - such a beautiful but somber and melancholic piece of work. I always choose it when testing a new IEM.


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