What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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Naked Songs
 [Live And Acoustic] 
 Rickie Lee Jones


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Ioan Gamboa - Kahleesi​
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  I can't wait to attend the next big Vinyl swap meet in/around L.A.... I could use more vinyl, only have 52 records. 

And i gave away my 600+70'S and 80's vinyls to my son along with my old system a Quad 405  a pair of JBL'S L100 and a Thorens TD160 what was i thinking . I keep reminding him you know if you dont want it anymore ill take it back LOL. At least he's going to know good sound when he heres it .
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Clams Casino Instrumental tape Vol.2

^Awesome awesome stuff! Good to see another fan it just sucks that some o his music goes to such terrible rappers.  Hearing his great beats behind some dude talking about how huge his dick is really ruins it for me, the instrumentals are amazing though one of them was mastered very poorly (or it could have been my source).

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