Wells Audio Milo - Impressions And Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ufospls2, Sep 16, 2016.
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  1. commtrd
    DAC(s) in use with reviews? Wondering about Hugo2 in the chain with Milo. Not that I think the Audeze LCDi4 not driven adequately with H2, but still pondering the possibilities.

    A DAC and its synergy with the amp and final playback element is systemically important and learning to discriminate between DAC/ amp / phones or speakers contributions is an art I think. A good review is a real help to those looking to build an audio chain and always appreciated...
  2. grizzlybeast
    Now that I think about it, the yggy would probably make a better pairing for the Milo than my Pavane. Not as black of a background but more incisive and precise with transients. Also slightly better microdynamics. My pavane has better soundstage, layering, timbre; less treble and more macrodynamics than the yggy.
  3. Hansotek
    The Hugo 2’s direct output is slightly more resolving than the Milo, but I still run it to the Milo because it adds impact, snap and musicality to the sound. I definitely prefer it with Milo in the chain subjectively. However, I would definitely steer you away from using Milo with the i4... the i4 is too sensitive for the Milo and you’re going to get a lot of background noise. The Milo is better suited for hard-to-drive headphones like the Abyss, HE-6/5/5LE/4, HE-400/500/400i/560, HE1000/V2, LCD 2/3/4/X/XC, HD800/S, HD600, K701, and ZMF Eikon/Auteur/Ori/Vibro/Blackwood.
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  4. commtrd
    ^^^ OK thanks for the feedback. I do have the LCD-X also but need to get a SE cable for it as it was balanced for the Mjolnir amp. Anyway the i4 is just so darn comfortable and such good SQ I just never think of any other phones to use with H2.
  5. ajreynol
    Hi guys. I'm in the market for a new amp to go with my new LCD-4's.

    Getting the most out of my cans for under $2000 (particularly in the bass response performance and overall clarity) are important to me.

    Am I in the right place? I'm looking at this, the Taurus, Pro iCAN, and the CMA800R. Unable to demo any of them locally (I'm around Miami and can find no resellers of anything other than stuff like McIntosh), I'm stuck relying on feedback and opinions here. Any thoughts or advise would be more than welcome.

    FWIW, my chain is desktop PC (99% of my listening) --> Chord 2Qute DAC --> AMP --> LCD-4.
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  6. heliosphann
    I've not personally heard the LCD-4's on the Milo, but in general planars sound fantastic on it. I'm sure a lot of Milo owners will back that up.
  7. ufospls2
    I replied to you in the LCD-4 thread, so check out that post, but yeah. Milo or Pro iCAN are both good for the LCD-4.
  8. Hansotek
    Milo is awesome with planars.
  9. nickosiris
    I have a 2qute and LCD4 myself, and if there's a better SS amp under $2000 to stick between the two then I haven't heard it yet.
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  10. omniweltall
    Not a fan of 2Qute or CMA800R here. Haven't heard the Milo.

    I would choose the Pro iCan from your list.
  11. Hansotek
    Okay, I have the Pro iCan (and iESL) here now for a couple of weeks if you have any specific questions on the Pro iCan vs. the Milo. On first listen, the Milo sounds more musically cohesive and sophisticated in it's delivery to me. Of course the iCan has it's own set of advantages, as it's probably the most versatile amp on the market with it's bazillion inputs, outputs and options. Need to listen further, and should probably sub in a generic power cable for my WireWorld Electra 7 just to be fair in more extended comparisons. Think up whatever questions you have between the two and fire away though. I'm happy to help.

    I would not do the single CMA800R for the LCD-4, it's not going to have the balls of the iCAN or Milo. Two CMA800Rs running in dual mono is pretty awesome, and definitely will have more kick and soundstage vs. one CMA800R - I think that would be a more competitive option with the Milo, depending on what DAC is in front of it, as it would go quieter and be able to extract more detail, but it still wouldn't have the snap and dynamism of the Milo.

    I haven't had a Taurus for an extended period of time to provide an in-depth comparison. It's always been an amp that just comes across to me as "pretty good" but I've never been blown away by it, whereas the CMA800R, Pro iCAN and Milo are all amps that have blown me away at various times.
  12. johnzz4
    What’s different about this Milo??


    And don't judge the horrible wallpaper in the next room.
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  13. heliosphann
    9 letters. :wink:
  14. Bucketron
    Just ordered Milo with Khozmo and Vishay Z foil. Seems there is a "Milo Reference" cost at $5000, anyone know what is the upgrade of this thing?
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  15. heliosphann
    Check several pages back in this thread. Jeff talks about the differences.

    And good choice! Welcome to the club.
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