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Wells Audio Milo - Impressions And Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ufospls2, Sep 16, 2016.
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  1. ufospls2
    Hey All,
    Wells Audio started production on their "Milo" amp today ($1699 USD.) It is a fantastic looking amp in my opinion. It has come a long ways looks wise from the prototype form shown at earlier events. It reportedly is putting out about 18watts into 32ohms so it is a power monster (HE-6 owners might be interested in this amp!) I don't have any specifics on the measured performance of this amp but as they become available I will update this post. Apparently the Milo retains much of the sound signature of its older siblings, the Enigma and HeadTrip, at a much lower price point. As far as I know, the Milo begins shipping at the end of next week, so real world impressions should be available soon. Most reports from the prototype version were positive! I will hopefully have a Milo on its way to my home in this first shipment. Apparently demand is high and they are all sold out for the next 2-3 months. 
    Please note, I have no affiliation with Wells Audio, other than the fact I am buying one of these amps. I will post my own personal impressions as soon as I get some quality listening in. 
    From Jeff Wells
    "The new Milo will be out within the next 2-3 weeks. If you can hang on for a few weeks then you should have an opportunity to give it a try. It puts out roughly 18 watts into 32 ohms and will retail in the states for $1699.00. It sounds like the Enigma for less than half the price and even at this low price does not give up the power that is absolutely necessary to get full performance and enjoyment from the Abyss.-Jeff Wells"
    A quote from the Wells Audio website.
    Here are some initial pictures of the Milo, both in its prototype form, and final production form.  canjam-wells-00924.jpg
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  2. Hansotek
    Lol, that quote from CanJam above was from me!
  3. ufospls2
    Haha, Well, thanks for contributing!!
  4. jsq1
    I had dinner with Jeff wells last night and he brought the first working production Milo headphone amp over. We tried them with the new Hifiman 3000/pair headphones , the mister speakers ether and ether C headphones. I can't tell you what difference the Milo made compared to my el84 tube headphone amp. You don't know what you're missing till you hear it.[​IMG][/IMG]
  5. jsq1
  6. jsq1
    After hearing this amp , I put my money down and bought the last one available in this present production run. The next production run he will make twice as many. The rest are all sold before the first one is even sent out..
  7. ufospls2
  8. jsq1
    That was a way of expressing my great surprise in the difference of dynamics , extension , depth and solidity of bass, and the enlarging of the sound field around your head . Everything got a lot better. And the crazy amont of gain. I was able to drive 2 pairs of headphones at the same time. One of them being the Hifimans he-6's which are very inefficient. And the mister speakers ethers. And ether c's
  9. KG Jag
    I heard the prototype in July at the SF meet and was very impressed in my short time with it.  As I recall I was using the HE 1000 (when there was only one official version) with a stock cable and with a Dana Cable.
  10. jsq1
    I am finally going to pick up my Milo tomorrow so after a few weeks I will try to write a review on any improvements in sound. After listening to the first production model to come off the line, it was a pretty big improvement to my consonance cyber 2 EL84 tube headphone amp. We used mr speakers ether and  ether c's. I 'll hope for the best.  
  11. ufospls2
    Looking forward to your impressions. Mine won't ship until after RMAF sadly :frowning2: Hopefully we will get a bunch of impressions from the RMAF crowd about the Milo as well. 
  12. grizzlybeast
    This is my next amp... its been settled. 
  13. Hansotek

    You're gonna love the Eikon on this bad boy. Zach, Jeff and I had a blast listening to the pairing on the last day of RMAF. Soooo good!!!
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  14. gr8soundz
    The ZMFs are 300 ohms but has anyone tried low-impedance headphones with the Milo?
    Sounds like the perfect amp for me but 18W is a ton of power so I wouldn't be surprised if there is some hiss.
  15. Hansotek

    I'll plug in some Denons when it arrives next week and report back to you.
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