Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!
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love divers!
my favorite: POLM

The Planet Ocean Liquid Metal( don't know if that is the LM in POLM?) is also a very nice looking diver. To add another one, the Panarai Submersible is also a nice diver.
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Don't get me started on my other hobbies too!!! Lol here is my tendence chrono I have a couple of others I'll post a pic later

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Two of my favorites:


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Thanks, I just scrolled back 20pages..
Its hard to stop looking!
So many nice pics.

This is my current fav:

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That one is kind of beat up but I luv it.
Not expensive I know.

This one started me on that style, but I am blind to see all silver:
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Thanks, I just scrolled back 20pages..
Its hard to stop looking!
So many nice pics.

This is my current fav:


Nice Maxx, reminds me of my $99 Car & Driver special I happen to be wearing today

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I recently got into these older style using hands instead of all digital numbers..
I see more at a glance with these type..

Also like how the older style watches move the second hand more fluid than the battery operated ones..
Just have to remember to wind them..
I have same in leather band version:

But I find the band much too stiff, so I found the metal one used.
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Timex Indiglo Fly-Back Chronograph
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Nice, ezekiel77, looks very methodical. The first thought when I saw your watch is that of protractors (I liked Geometry in high school).
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JAH RasTafari fellow watch enthusiast


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A quick question about the water resistance of your timepieces. Mine are two at 10 ATM and 1 and 3ATM. Ironically the most expensive one is only 3 Bar and only Stainless Steel. Is WR important to you or is it just a gimmick to you?

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