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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. NotKunvinced
    Walnut V2 arrived this morning and installed the 16gb card I had prepared for it. Just 2 files, approx 600mb of AC/DC and 400mb of Dire Straits. No tags etc. as suggested on here. Plugged in my month old Hifiman HE-350's and fired up the music(yes I turned it on before plugging in the headphones....). Sweet holy f+&k, delighted I went through the hassle of making single files with no tags for entire collections would be an understatement. Non-flat response be damned, I'm a fan.
    Not sure how much of a factor it is but having to just listen to whatever song comes next without constantly looking it up and/or skipping to the next track made me relax and enjoy the music more than I have in a while.
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  2. waynes world
    Nice! I'm looking forward to getting my Porcupine Tree albums prepared for my nut!
  3. jpciii
    This sounds like a grounding problem.
  4. vapman
    Do keep in mind the potentiometer used for the volume is an ultra budget one, anyone willing to do some soldering could upgrade that for a few dollars and get a significantly improved volume knob & probably overall SQ.
  5. nick n
    about 1/3 of the way there for a few mods on some units, waiting at the mailbox, waiting...
    Starting to think I am crazy [​IMG]
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  6. vapman
    So overkill but that is just how i love it.
  7. nick n
    lol it's that "what if " factor at work. 
    "what if" only one type of caps is the best and gives me nonstop goosebumps. What if..
    then I'd NEED all the spares. Good logic huh.
  8. Dark Helmet
    I ordered one already a few days ago.  I dig the M2 but after listening to my Galaxy s7 throught the Centrance Mini M8 I was longing for the wider soundstage.  I also find that the line out on the m2 isn't all that great.  It's better as a standalone.
  9. vapman
    Even if you don't like the Walnut by yourself, it's pretty hard not to like it as an amp. All headphones can benefit hugely from the Walnut's high operating voltage. I will mess with it as an amp for other devices soon.
  10. waynes world
    Nick "ovakill" N is what we like to call him lol! And if that wasn't so, I wouldn't have one of the most awesomest pairs of T50RP's out there :)
    Holy crap @nick n! Looking forward to seeing what you do with all of that stuff!
  11. vapman
    I have never heard the T50rp but want to ultra bad. I didn't know nick n was a JVC fan too. I am trying to convince him to give the SZ1000's a listen
  12. nick n
    Plan is to let you hear all 3 ( or 4 ) variants of the Walnutter yourself. Just waiting for parts and a few units to put them into.
    Once everything shows it'll be blazing fast to do them up.
    if I can trust you with them :)
    can even include the MX10-B again since it has better Sony 700/1000 pads on it, low end comes out to play moreso than stock while keeping exact sound otherwise.
    Trouble is it'll all have to be stock opamps otherwise it's not a fair comparison. maybe they'll all sound close but I am guessing not if we know what to listen for, and we do.
      My issue now is I keep swapping Opamps out it's addictive.
    Think I need to settle in on one per month or good decent listening period,  and hone it right down to the best.
  13. vapman
    that is how i am taking it, opamps change too many things to know in just a couple tracks. i am still finding differences with the JRC opamp I didn't notice before (it's not a particularly amazing one though so I'll probably pass on it)
  14. nick n
    which JRC was that?
     I do leave them in for a bit, but really to get a good solid grasp it'd need a week or so I feel
  15. vapman
    NJM2114D  but mine is an old one that says JRC on it. They are the same anyway. Should be overall louder and warmer and darker overall  than NE5532
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