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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. vapman
    No idea tbh, I listen to almost no MP3 on my device, almost all WAV or amp mode here and i am still getting over a full 24 hour day easy.
  2. Jupiterknight
    Very Possible you have a unit that needs exchange...don't have those divergence between r and l channels, although I do understand that each unit may have their variety and our sensitity to noise floor can be individual and what we use the walnut with.. and it is not designed for very sensitive earphones or any complicated multiple driver designs with crossovers and strange impedance swing across the frequencies..  so match up is very specific... and how your iem/headphone performs with the 100 ohm HO output of the Walnut...for better and worse....  and the music...
  3. vapman
    Never heard different noises in each channel.
    There is no protection from interference so keep your cell phone and whatever else has a radio away.
    Try several different pairs of headphones to make sure its not just with one set.
    Lastly if you don't have at least 60 hours on the unit i'd let it play plugged into some headphones for a while. Most people say their weird glitches etc go away.
    If you are experiencing radio interference or it's simply the amp noise floor you're hearing, consider replacing the opamp with a known lower noise floor one.
  4. Jupiterknight
    Which other opamp's have a lower noise floor than the NE5532 in the walnut? Just curious...What's your experience with LM4562 or LME49860? Did they increase/decrease noise floor?  
  5. vapman
    I have tried neither of those yet and have neither on order. I used to use LM series opamps when making FUZZ pedals for guitar where you wanted it to be noisy and distorty as possible. Never once thought to use em in something hi fi,
    I have some AD opamps on the way as well as a more obscure but currently available one (wont comment on it until i have it and try it).
    OPA series like  opa2134pa reduces noise floor a lot but removes some of the bass slam, in return you get a more sparkly treble, wider soundstage, not quite as in your face sounding, definitely for those who don't like the "high power" sound of the stock setup. I don't mind the noise floor as is and prefer the bass slam of the ne5532 so that is my go to so far. If I didn't care as much about the bass slam I might go OPA.
  6. T.R.A.N.C.E.

    I also had the funky buzzing and noise floor with stock NE5532 (with sensitive hp's). Changing the opamp got rid of this, it's fun trying new opamps, give it a go, don't need to spend much.
    And yes there is roll off with walnut, this isn't a reference player, just an enjoyable one, got to pick your poison. I have plenty of daps with flat FR, the walnut is a nice change of pace, and frankly it sounds great to me, for $26 it is more than acceptable to me and I bought 10 of them to modify.
    If your after reference sound the walnut isn't for you (good luck finding reference or enjoyable sound for $26 though). With walnut I hear everything the treble and bass has to offer (not in a high res sense) but in a beat or groove sense, the roll off does not bother me, but like I said, I have other daps I use if I want reference sound.
     Channel imbalance is normal with analog vol pots, even the made in Japan Alps ones, luckily with walnut you can use the digital vol control to even it out.
    Walnut is great, one of a kind, highly enjoyable sound (with the right hp's, and if you can enjoy non-flat line FR), seriously, 1K headphones don't have flat FR, whats the big deal if a $26 dap doesn't??, it's just a different take on sound, but coming straight from your dap.
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  7. Jupiterknight
    Just wanted to learn from your experience with LM 45xx or 49xx.  They are indeed used in multiple Hi Fi amplifiers etc. Trust me..  or Google it.. and I do very well know what Fuzz pedals and Fender tube amplifiers etc.   Just wondered if if they configured well in the Walnut...
    I will check out OPA2134, thought about that one and a bunch of others.. but from reading from specs. and checking out the design by my own eyes... the NE5532 may actually be perfect... only slight upgrade may be one of the LM''s unless they increased noise floor... which they might... 
    The difference between opamps.... well forget it.... 
  8. vapman
    The NE5532 is the ubiquitous opamp out of the better quality ones for a reason [​IMG]
    I know hi fi stuff does use them, and it's possible they could sound good, but I was more explaining why I don't have any LM/LME around than trying to knock them. I do hope somebody who's used one in their Walnut could speak on the matter!
  9. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    It's kind of an obvious difference though. I tried LM4562HA (was not as good as the LME's in subjective sound) and all dual channel LME49xxx (the better ones being LME49720HA and LME49723MA in subjective sound). LME's noise floor is lower than NE5532, but I also found a some Analog devices opamps with even lower noise floor than LME's (AD827SQ).
    The LME's sound very nice, very refined yet powerful, but mids not quite as present as I'd like, or compared to NE5532, I'd class the LME sound quality as better than NE5532, but subjectively one could prefer NE5532 if it's sound was more their thing.
  10. LaughMoreDaily
    Why do you think so? Lol. Spill the beans!
  11. akroy
    As it appears CKlewis has restocked the walnuts
  12. bzfrank

    Hear it's voice my friend, feel the tiny price tag in your wallet, then also you will experience the force, my little Padawan! :D
  13. vapman
    Nice find!!!! I'm shocked the downtime was so fast. Thought it might be a month or so before we saw them again. They are so cheap I am going to order another just to be sure I have some from the latest batch not that it matters [​IMG] but as the thread curator I feel obliged to have more Walnuts than most people.
    I also noticed they stock Rhodium plated connectors for a decent price.... this will be a $40 order by the time I'm done...
  14. Ruben123

    If you just agree burn in didn't exist, you'll be appreciating the player more than listening for not existing differences.
    Also battery life depends enormously on the headphones used. Contrary to what people think, higher impedance cans last much longer than low impedance cans
  15. vapman
    I am using 16 thru 60 ohms headphones usually.
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