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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. iJay

    I have mine setup with folders and the tags are stripped, no glitches or issues! I images just like Colorfly, Alien etc, if it's FAT32 you can use whatever size you want. I have thrown in a 64gb with no issue.
  2. vapman
    I've started using a 64GB as well but your post made me remember I didn't post about it!
    Also, for those of you with metadata woes, don't forget foobar2000 is 100% freeware and does the job perfectly and quickly. Select your tracks, right  click, Properties, tools, remove tags, "OK" !
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  3. noknok23
    I wonder how much should we care about the turn off device/no relay thing? Is it only for sensitive Iem or high impedance headphones are concerned as well?
  4. vapman
    Even with a thousand-dollars amp with relays, the risk still exists, so it's always advised to unplug before turning off.
    The biggest problem I've found, rather, is the "pop" when you plug your headphones in. It  could have been solved with a relay but there is none in the Walnut design as is. My "trick" for this is, when I have them around, to plug some  junk headphones I hate in.  because the "pop" on plug in only happens to the first set plugged in after power on. So I plug in a bad set of headphones, those get the "pop", and then I switch to different headphones and never is a pop.
    I worked this method out after one too many times with my headphones already on, plugged them into the Walnut and got the unpleasant sound. Plus it can't be good for headphones either.
    Will  the Walnut destroy your headphones?  You'd probably have to try pretty hard...
    (It is also nice to have these junk headphones around for DIY work, because when building amps you don't always want to plug in a nice set of headphones if you only need to know if it works or not, and don't mind if something is way too loud or otherwise sending harmful signals to the phones...)
  5. groucho69
    My ears hurt just reading this.
  6. vapman
    Just don't have your headphones on or turned up too high when plugging them in for the first time after power on? and you will be all good.
  7. hakuzen
    added some measurements of my Walnut V2 in RMAA thread, if anyone interested:
    (also added GAD miniA1 amplifier measurements:
    http://www.head-fi.org/t/800208/the-rmaa-rightmark-audio-analyzer-source-and-audio-device-measurement-thread-measurements-in-post-3-tutorial-in-post-2/135#post_13107386 )
  8. waynes world
    Very sad and lonely brand new LME49860 opamp...
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  9. vapman
    Haha, when you are swapping it out don't get too excited and forget to note the orientation of the opamp. I had to open my 2nd Walnut to find out how to put it in without wrecking it :joy::joy:
  10. waynes world
    Let's see... I think I have some portapro's lying around somewhere....
    Ha ha just kidding! I know exactly where they are - on my head! I quite like them and use them fairly often.
    Well, they are sportapro drivers or ksc75 drives (depending on my mood) on parts express headband, but that's close enough :)
  11. vapman
    Slightly OT but I was thinking about getting some of those PE headbands. I like the PP/SP drivers more because of the better bass response. How's the sportapro drivers on the PE headband compare to real Portapro sound?
    I'll add this to the Walnut FAQ. Just curious why you think your own measurements are inaccurate though?
  12. waynes world
    I listen to the PP/SP drivers more as well for the same reason. I like them on the PE headband because compared to the portapro/sportapro headband, they sit lightly on the ears, thus calming down the bass which I felt was a bit elevated/bloomy at times. 
    Edit: I also did these mods to the sportapro drivers:
  13. groucho69
    He needs his friend....so sad
  14. hakuzen
    Because I've started measuring things recently, and I'm not sure 100% everything I do is all right :p
    Thanks again to @Samueru Sama, who shows an infinite patience when teaching me, and to @HiFiChris, @castleofargh, @bartzky, etc., for spreading great valuable knowledge along many threads.
  15. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    The pop of the walnut is not very strong to me, it isn't annoying even with sensitive iem's, the d200 dap though, that thing has a wicked pop, almost painful to the ears, but nothing you can't tough out. I doubt you would damage your iem's unless there was a fault in your dap. Personally I like that there is no relay's in these daps as that's one less thing in the analog signal path.
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