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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. nick n
    ok thanks was about to get some Philips Vishay for there, might skip those then if sound is that noticeable..
    12.5 too so not going to work even with pushing the battery over a bit I suppose.
    Looks like it's audio grade all around then.
    So your guess is the value increase or the type that caused the more noticeable effects?
  2. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    It's the type, we need audio caps all round in the walnut! Really it's just that the stock cap had a warm glow, it's not audio grade, just fun, the Pana doesn't have any glow, just colourless and swift. It's less about the detail level and more about the lack of colouration that makes me miss the stock cap, even if it is technically worse. If that makes sense.
    But maybe I'm jumping the gun. I will still burn this cap in before I decide to change it.
    Also I will go ahead and change the 2x100uf to Nichicon fine gold's to see if they round out the sound of the Pana FM.
    EDIT: I WAS WRONG to judge on first listen. I'm listening to it and I'm hearing the sound change and improve right before me, the new cap needs settling time.
  3. nick n
    it's just that physical size which is a bit limiting.
  4. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Yep, btw I WAS WRONG to judge it before burn in, as I am listening to it I am hearing the sound slowly change, the caps just need to settle in, already the bass is going deeper and tighter than stock, and the sound is very slowly filling out, my ears aren't tricking me, this is cool.
  5. vapman
    very interesting, didn't think the filter cap would have that big a change on the sound character! 
    man, i still want to put Wima caps in my Walnut but don't know where the heck they'd go...
    i was checking out the Silmic II's @ 1000uF/25 VDC. but they looked like they might even bigger than those panny you tried to fit in...
    You know there's nothing in it to control a screen, so aside from implementing your own screen controller, you also have to get it to work with everything else. To be honest you'd be easier off starting from scratch trying to make a walnut-esque player with a screen. CMOS amp at a high voltage with a basic wav/mp3 decoder and screen.
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  6. vapman
    This is very cool.  If that cap affects the total sound so much than I wonder how it would measure with that cap? I gotta hear the Walnut with some new caps it if it's better bass already.    In the past working with Panasonic caps (don't remember if FM) I thought the sound overall got thinner and hotter treble, are you finding this? 
  7. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    [CONTENTEMBED=/t/828315/walnut-hi-fi-v2-wav-mp3-player-by-wt-screenless-budget-killer-combo-dap-amp/570#post_13108194 layout=inline]Quote:[/CONTENTEMBED]

    Atm it is thinner, and highly separated, it is more fatiguing than stock, it's more reference style, the bass is supremely tight, like it has palpable edges, very cool for electronic beats, while with stock cap bass is mushier but warm and fun. I think most would prefer stock at this point, but the sound is slowly changing for the better so don't take this as gospel. For myself I am liking where the sound is headed, it could reach a place where it is perfect balance between definition and body. And a change of the 2x 100uf caps could nicely complement or work towards this also, the fine gold's are known for their quality bass as well.

    The real test is taking it to the gym, I have a feeling it will groove well with the portapro, only tried it with IT03 so far.
  8. nick n
    * this is a nice surprise: last night I sprayed a few drops of Caig DeOxit D5 on the shaft entry of the green volume housing , held it upright while working it back and forth ( with battery disconnected ) to let it get inside the housing of the pot, then let it sit and totally dry overnight.
    Did also dab a little bit on the opamp pins too.
     Turned it on now and even right at the low end of the volume there seems to be no static now.[​IMG] So seems slightly dirty contacts before.
    =yep totally quiet so far. Excellent.
    FWIW [​IMG]
    Incoming to try out for the single 1000uf: ( all 10 x 20 or 30mm and 1000uf )   I'd like to be able to close the case so measurements/voltages restricted what to use for uf value.
    Vishay BC 135 ( Philips ) 16v
    Nippon United Chemi-Con 25v
    Panasonic FC 16v
    Will replace the two 10uf with Silmic II 35v  ( 5 x 11 mm )
    Numbers on the potentiometer housing are B103 looks like a 10 kohm one (?)
  9. musicday
    Why someone not making a bigger case for Walnut V2 to fit more and better components? That won't be difficult to do and love to see all the modifications you guys are doing.:thumbsup:
  10. nick n
    ^ looking for some wood in a big stash I have this weekend. See what happens. Would have to woodburn the emblem into the cover  of course.
    Length the same but wider would sure help.
  11. vapman
    Ooooh. Now I want to do a desktop Walnut with a nice transformer and enormous caps :D
  12. SuperMAG

    So this means walnut is not a good match for senfer 4in1 and lz a4.
  13. vapman
    Really depends on the BA and configuration. etymotics will change tone with resistance changes but remain accurate. Some BA's / hybrids don't take to high output impedances as well.
  14. Decommo
    Just ordered One to see how it pair with HD650. Has anyone tried pairing with HD650?
  15. vapman
    I used it with my friend's HD600 and it was awesome, powered it great, I have not tested with a HD650 yet... I am sure it would be awesome. Well, it could at least power it with no problem...
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