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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. endia
    you can use low level browndog adapters


    or custom pins;

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  2. cinvi
    Thanks but that doesnt really answer my question since I pretty much made my own browndog adapter by modding the normal dual dip 8 to dip 8 adapter. Maybe I didn't express myself very clearly, I was asking how I could solder a new button, replacing the Pause/Delete button since it's glued in place and seems to be pretty hard to desolder.
  3. nesty
    My Walnut V2s (player mode)... while playing music out of curiosity I transferred the audio jack from PO to line out and I can hear the audible music at a very very low volume even by cranking up the pot. Is this normal in v2s?
  4. cinvi
    of course it's normal, the line out is basically just an input that then gets amplified. so if you're listening to music from the SD card it's the same as using a phone connected to line out. you're essentially just listening to the raw audio without any amplification.
  5. Aldwitron
    Hi everyone, im new here. Anyone know how to fix hissing sound with walnut v2s on dac mode?

    Will using opamp like burson v5i fix this?

    V2s sounds good as dac but the slight hissing and crackling is really annoying
  6. gazzington
    Does anybody know where people get different skins and knobs for their walnut and zishan from?
  7. DBaldock9
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  8. larry piencenaves
    Mr. Carlos from burson gave me a chance to try their v5i D op-amp, just recently arrived today.

    first Impressions: didnt notice huge difference with the stock op-amp on my zishan z3 except with a slight elevated mids and a weird small reverb or echo

    I will do a complete review for this after some burn in.

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  9. larry piencenaves
    Can someone help me explain this to me?

    So recently, i only hear i minimal difference in sound tonality even after long time of use of my z3 with the new opamp from burson that carlos gave to me, i was a bit dissapointed by that, so i tried using my z3 as a dac for my laptop, still the same, only minor differences that i cant even pinpoint.

    now heres the suprise, i used it on my phone as a dac, and...DAMN like literally damn i could now here the vocals come to life i always thought my zenfone's audio reproduction is better than the stock zishan z3, i a/b tested it for many times with 3 certain songs that i knew the key sound difference between them, thats why i concluded z3 are warm and mid shy daps, while my zen is more of clinical type of sound. now with the v5i dual installed on my z3 and used as a dac this would probably be my budget end game right now alongside with my bosshifi b8, (tho the grados would be a more better partner with a stock z3).

    I can describe the tonal signature as the mids are well elevated tho not annoyingly/overly elevated, bass response are clean, like SUPER clean im not even exaggerating, i never knew my zens has a bleed in low to mid frequency up untill now lol, and the treble remains the same, i dont hear major difference, also those minute sounds in the background that i dont really notice before in my songs are now well heard, its more like of an improvement of imaging but im not really sure.

    now the thing is, when use zishan z3 alone it goes back to sounded "ok" like the magic of the burson is gone. why is that? is it the built-in amps of the z3 are bad? or not well implemented?

    now my dilemma is that i dont know how to review the burson v5iD alone, since it doesn't benefit hugely my z3 if used as a standalone dap, i have to use my phone and z3 at the same time to make it work and its a waste of battery life. but for the sound quality it produces, i think its worth.
  10. nesty
    Even if you remove the v5i from its socket in z3, it will still function as dac of your phone. Seems to me v5i+Z3 does not synergize well as dap.
  11. larry piencenaves

    i tried removing the op-amp while using it as a dap and it wont produce any sound. but i havent tried removing the op-amp while connected to my phone and used it as a dac, i will try it later.

    also yeah maybe the v5i doesnt compliment with the z3 well. tho i dont know why, some people here in heafi is using zishan z2 to review the v5i and they hear differences. and from what ive read z3 is just a z2 with an OLED screen so i dont see any reason why i cant hear what theyre saying.

    edit: i can hear a difference btw, but its too minuscule that i just cant pinpoint it
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
  12. noknok23
    You can't reviews an opamp without trying it in different setup.
    An opamp can change the sound from brighter to warmer depending on the dap used and it's implementation.

    I think when using my zishan z2 as a DAC it actually receive the sound in pcm from the laptop. It's not true DAC . You only benefit from the phone/line out of the zishan. I noticed this when using pulseaudio settings on my Linux laptop. My other dap, the nuansa has both options has DAC: true decoding or only receiving pcm

    My guess would be the DAC of your phone is good!
  13. larry piencenaves
    yeah i also think my phone built-in dac is good, tho i might not have the chance to use the burson to be switch to other daps, i find the z3 to be very compatable with my daily needs, so my solution would be finding a suitable op-amp for this instead of buying another dap, its too much waste of money, tho i still think the v5i brings a sonic difference i just think its not that noticeable unfortunately.
  14. noknok23
    About z2 some people say Muses02 is the best. I think new old stock of made in usa ne5532 isn't bad either (it's a classic).
    Watch out for fakes (99% of opamp from China are crap knock off) avoid Ali for opamp
  15. larry piencenaves
    I think I spoke too soon about the performance of the burson v5i dual, (shame on me).. i left them running for almost 2 days with my z3 (it got really hot). I believe in burning in audio equipment but I'm a bit skeptical on that regarding to op-amps since i have a little background about it, tho ive read something here in headfi about it reaching certain temp. over time would make em achieve their peak performance, but Im still in doubt. But at the time when i picked my headphones and listen, boy oh boy, those dark, warm, dull sound of z3 became a total opposite of what is right now, definitely enjoying my z3's more.

    too determine that its just not my brain that is fooling me, ive a/b tested them again with the stock op-amp and another v5i dual (unused), and after just one testing, yes, my brain is not fooling my ears, the sound signature between the two are night and day lol, while the unused v5id have the same tonality, it is more emphasized on the burned in one.
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