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WA6SE or WA2: Why pick one over the other?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by bdavidson, Jan 10, 2011.
  1. bdavidson
    I have never heard or owned a tube amp, but, am interested is spending the money on one. Crazy, I know.  I have read a lot of threads here and also emailed Jack.  I am still not firm on why I would pick either the WA6SE or WA2 over the other with regards to sound quality given matching price points.
    It seems like the key difference here is transformer less vs transformer coupled.  From what I have read and based on the specs, the transformer greatly reduces the frequency range of an amp, but, adds power to drive low impedance headphones.
    I have now seen two references along the lines of: The WA2 is smooth, warm, liquid, and details. The 6SE has more energy and it sounded neutral and faster pace.
    But... what does it all mean?
    Would my musical matter? (Alternative Rock, Pop/Rock, Synth Rock, Dance)  Would my headphone selection matter? (HD595 [50ohm], HD280 [64ohm], HD650 [300ohm], HD800 [300ohm])
  2. Edi
    Going by the type of music you like to listen to, I think the WA6-SE would be a good choice. It's pretty much the type of music that I listen to most, and that is what Jack suggested would pair up well with the T1. I'm not sure how it will sound on your headphones though, so I cannot comment on that part. 
  3. Skylab Contributor
    Very general speaking, the WA2 is going to do better with high impedance headphones. It will be better with your HD 800 and 650 than with your lower impedance Senns. The WA6 SE can be switched to work with either high or low impedance headphones, so it might be the better choose for you given you have some of each.

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