VSonic GR07 Bass Edition Impressions

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  1. Fat Larry
    I'm considering the new version myself at the moment. I had the old bass eds and was super bummed when one of the buds went quiet after 18 months.

    I'm dubious about their longevity but they did pretty much everything else i wanted so well.. I think i read something along the lines that driver death was a common problem with vsonics.. maybe i shouldn't go back. But then with the detachable cables we should be able to get replacement parts right?
  2. mochill
    Will have no problem with the removable cable version
  3. Fat Larry
    hmmm i'm dubious.. can anyone compare the Oriveti New Primacy to the GR07 Bass eds?
  4. Udi
    It's the driver that usually fails so I can't see the removable cables fixing much, but they seem to last OK (2 years on average) which is much better than the VS models in my experience.

    I'd honestly just buy another set of GR07s, purely because it's hard to replicate *every* positive aspect of the sound (particularly the wide staging / spatial qualities) without spending over 3-4x as much. In my experience almost everything else around this price point loses out sonically somewhere (noticeably) to the humble GR07 and to me that's not worth bothering with.

    I own more expensive IEMs for occasional use, but when my first set of GR07s stopped working I bought a new set (they've been great, and I'd do it all again). It's a great daily driver with a great price:sound ratio in my book.

    Edit - I also agree 100% with this, and it's an important consideration:
    The GR07 is a light load so drives quite well from phones, ipods, laptops, etc. Many other IEMs (particularly multi-drivers) have more difficult impedance curves and start showing frequency response curve flaws with the same sources - particularly phones and portable media players.
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  5. murrmax
    Spot on, they sound really good out of anything - phone, laptop, etc once you get to the next level amps, sources all play too much into it as well as having to be too precious about them, and defeats the purpose of a portable everyday solution..
  6. zepmaj
    Is there anyone using Spinfit eartips with GR07 BE?
  7. M3NTAL
    I had a hard time with them. I couldn't get them inserted without pinching the soundtube off.
  8. goody
    Guys i love these inears ..i just got mine there is a slight crispy crackling sound coming form mine ..will that settle down after burn in? arhhh sibilance lol
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  9. zepmaj
    Hmm. I thought they fit.
  10. sherazshery
    How does the gr07be perform with lg g6 quad dac.does it activate high impedance mode?
    I also have lg g6 plus and planning on getting GR07BE i (mic) currently using Fiio F5 with g6 and i really like this combo.
  11. MidFiMoney
    Unfortunately, the GR07 was long gone by the time I got the G6 so I can't answer that.
  12. iamloco724
    What's everyones cleaning process for the gr07?
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